After Lecturing Hungary, Croatia Now Smuggling People Across Their Border

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2015


Moral high-ground sinks quickly when you get swamped with rape-monkeys.


Some 4,200 undocumented migrants arrived in Hungary on Saturday through the border with Croatia, a security adviser to the country’s prime minister said.

“4,200 refugees arrived in a day,” Gyorgy Bakondi told journalists, adding that people arrive on trains and buses set up by the Croatian government.

Migrants arrive through several check points on the Hungarian-Croatian border, including Beremend and Letenye, Bakondi added.

Hungary has accused Croatia of people smuggling.

Actually, they didn’t “accuse” them of it, they just stated the obvious fact that this is what they are doing.

The Telegraph:

Hungary was racing to seal its southern border on Saturday after accusing Croatia of “people smuggling” as the neighbouring country chose to bus thousands of migrants to the frontier.

The Hungarian authorities tried to prevent Croatia from funnelling migrants onto its territory by erecting the first 25 miles of a razor wire fence along the boundary between the two countries.

These sneaky Croatians are also helping people sneak through the woods to get into Slovenia.

Literally, the cops were dropping them off at woodlands and telling them “run as fast as you can.”


Now Slovenia is shipping them back to Croatia.

Which is… pretty funny.

Daily Mail:

When they realised they were stranded, the 150 or so migrants in the carriages refused to accept water brought to them by the local Red Cross. When they tried to jump off the train onto Slovenian territory, they were pushed back inside by police and dogs. In the dark of the night, the disgruntled migrants in the two carriages were towed back to Zagreb.

After the incident, trains running between the two capitals were stopped. And Slovenia said it would not allow illegal migrants to pass through to Austria and Germany, although genuine asylum seekers would be allowed through in line with EU rules.

By yesterday, the Slovenians had stepped up road checks near Dobova, using a helicopter as well as foot patrols in the mountainous region.

‘We will return the migrants to Croatia in the shortest time possible,’ said Anton Stubljar, the Slovenian police official in charge of the operation.

And how about that 20,000 in two weeks, Croatia?

Washington Post:

More than 20,000 war refugees and economic migrants from the Middle East and beyond awoke Saturday morning in Croatia having spent the night huddled in train stations, parking lots and rough camps alongside rivers.

And what’s happening in Austria?

CBS News:

Austrian officials said Sunday that 11,000 migrants crossed into the country from Hungary in the 24-hour period that ended on midnight Saturday, as European governments rush to cope with the huge number of people moving across Europe.

The country’s interior ministry said that another 7,000 are expected Sunday at the main Nickelsdorf crossing, east of Vienna.

Ministry officials are meeting with charity organizations to try and find temporary shelter for the new arrivals, who are fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

This is all so sickening.

If Merkel wants all of these monkeys – and she says she does – she needs to come and get them. This has nothing to do with Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia or Austria.

Merkel said “all are welcome in Germany.”

Well, Shengen is already over. So what Merkel needs to do is send naval ships to Turkey, load these people on them, and bring them through the Mediterranean to the German coast.

This is no one’s problem but hers, and she is forcing it on the entirety of Europe.