After Insults, Cuck Maduro Says He’s Ready to Meet with Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2018

Trump insults people and then they beg to meet with him.

Venezuela is a shitty country.

Communism is stupid.


Venezuela’s President, Nicholas Maduro, has said that he is willing to reach out to his US counterpart and discuss mutual grievances. Maduro has been one of Donald Trump’s arch-nemeses during Trump’s time in office.

Hardly an “arch-nemesis” – he’s in a poor rioting country where no one has any food because communism causes that issue. He doesn’t have a military. He is not arch-anything of anyone.

Maduro made the offer to the US President while speaking at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday. The Venezuelan socialist said that he was ready to cast aside “dramatic differences” and give a dialog a shot.

He suggested that, if agreed to, the meeting should cover a range of topics “which the United States government wants to talk about”.

Maduro has called for a face-to-face conversation in the past. Before he left for the UNGA in New York, he said he hoped the ‘miracle’ meeting would happen.

“I’m even willing to talk to President Trump, I think if President Trump and I speak, we could understand each other,” he said in Caracas.

Trump, under whose administration Venezuela has been hit with rounds of debilitating economic sanctions, did not rule out the meeting, but said it is not something that he’s been giving any thought to.

“We’re going to take care of Venezuela, if he’s here and he wants to meet, it was not on my mind, it was not on my plate, but if I can help people that’s what I’m here for,” Trump stated on Wednesday.

Yeah, do it Trump.

He’s already bitched out pre-meeting.

Everyone is going to bitch out eventually.

This is only the beginning of the great bitch outs.

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