After Forcing Superman to Eat Semen and Poop, Comic Creators Seek Police Protection

Homosexuals literally eat their own semen mixed with poop out of other men’s rectums.

I really don’t see anything “super” about that.


The latest reboot of DC Comics’ Superman, in which the quintessential superhero’s son comes out as bisexual, outraged some fans so much that the company has asked Los Angeles police to patrol its offices and some artists’ homes.

LAPD officers have been asked to patrol both the offices of DC Comics and the comics offices of Warner Brothers Studios, as well as the private homes of some DC artists, according to a Tuesday report from TMZ citing “threats” generated by fan outrage over the next-generation Superman’s revelation he is bisexual.

Unspared from the woke reimagining that has swept across classic comics, the latest incarnation of Superman – actually his son, Jon Kent – ‘came out’ as bisexual three weeks ago when a panel depicted the 17-year-old smooching a purple-haired “hacktivist” reporter named Jay Nakamura. It’s not clear why the alleged threats are only becoming a problem now; TMZ’s law enforcement sources merely said cops were “recently” dispatched to keep the illustrators’ and production staffers’ homes safe.

“I hope this kind of thing will not be seen as a big deal in the future,” DC artist John Timms told video game and media news outlet IGN last month when the superhero’s sexuality was unveiled, a big ask given the character’s iconic status within the DC Comics universe and American pop culture as a whole. The younger Superman is the protagonist of the series’ latest storyline, “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” and his love interest idolizes his journalist mother, Lois Lane.

Kent’s sexuality is not the only potential woke angle the new Superman may pry open in future issues. DC writer Tom Taylor suggested the caped icon could hardly “battle robots while ignoring the climate crisis,” nor could “someone with super sight and super hearing ignore injustices beyond his borders [like] the plight of asylum seekers.”

This is Tom Taylor, author of Pooperman:

They’re of course saying it is Clark Kent’s son that is doing the rimjobs, but the comic book is published as “Superman.” Furthermore, I don’t know why Clark’s son would be gay – did Batman molest him? No one is gay unless they are molested as a child.

Maybe the new Jewish tranny Flash molested him.

Maybe the gay Jew Flash fiddled him at sonic speed, and he didn’t even know it happened until he was overwhelmed with an urge to eat poop.

But seriously though.


Aquaman is gay now too – and black!

No one requested any of this. They are forcing it on the consumer, trying to turn comic book readers gay.

Marvel already tried this and their sales collapsed, and they admitted it was because people don’t like diversity.

I don’t read a lot of comics, but Marvel seems to have dropped this really heavy-handed stuff, and now DC is picking it up with Pooperman and many other such cases.

But they did it to Star Wars too. They’re doing it to everything from my childhood.

These attacks on our childhoods have become too much. It’s not hard to see why people are so angry about this. Whatever you think of comic books, this was a big part of a lot of people’s childhoods, and it is a kind of attack on people’s souls to go back and violate that.

But I doubt anyone is going to get killed for making a comic book character gay.