After Endless Denials About Staff Shortages, Southwest Softens Vax Mandate

The fact that the media was claiming that all of these canceled Southwest flights had nothing to do with the vaccine mandate is an example of the new kind of media I’ve been warning about since 2017. Censorship has created a situation where there is no ability to push back against the media narrative, which means the media can say anything.

The media was saying that it was a “conspiracy theory” that thousands of canceled Southwest flights were a result of people resisting vax mandates. They said it was because of the weather.

They were doing fact checks saying it was all a conspiracy theory.

Because they can say anything. They can deny the obvious.

Now, Southwest itself is de facto admitting that the media was lying.

But the media isn’t going to apologize.


US airline Southwest has reversed course on its employee vaccine mandate following a week of protests, denials and canceled flights. Workers are no longer forced to take unpaid leave while applying for exemptions to the mandate.

The passenger carrier will no longer force employees awaiting decision on a religious or medical exemption to the Biden administration’s mandatory vaccine order to take unpaid leave until their cases are decided, according to a Friday memo obtained by CNBC on Tuesday. Southwest has confirmed the authenticity of the memo, which gives employees until November 24 to either get vaccinated or apply for an exemption.

Instead of unpaid leave, employees awaiting judgment on their exemptions will continue to receive a paycheck and may even continue working “as [Southwest] coordinate[s] with them on meeting the requirements (vaccine or valid accommodation),” the note explains. Written by senior vice president of operations and hospitality Steve Goldberg and vice president and chief people officer Julie Weber, it reassures workers that they may continue working if their exemptions aren’t yet approved so long as they follow masking and social-distancing rules, and promises that staff can reapply if their exemption is denied if they have “new information or circumstances [they] would like the Company to consider.”

The memo’s release comes after days of protesting outside Southwest’s Dallas headquarters and rumors of sick-outs among air traffic controllers and other employees. Southwest was forced to cancel thousands of flights last week – over 1,000 on Sunday alone – though it refused to acknowledge what was behind the cancellations, in many cases blaming the weather despite clear and sunny skies. Airports were snarled with angry passengers as would-be travelers arrived to find their flights mysteriously cancelled.


This isn’t really a big deal for Southwest employees.

Everyone is still going to get vaxed.

The old man video is funny.

But it’s not real.

As I’ve said repeatedly: any attempts to resist this vax mandate are going to fail, because the Biden Administration simply does not care about consequences.

Delta “ditched” the mandate – so that Southwest can focus on implementing it first.

They will circle back around to Delta after they finish Southwest.

The most interesting angle on this Southwest story is the media lies angle.

Yes, right now you still have lite-wing Ben Shapiro or Jack Posobiec calling some of this stuff out on Twitter. But they will be banned soon enough.

We’re headed for a hoax singularity.