After Destroying Civilization with Niggers and Trannies, Jews Rush to Provide Flying Cars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2017

The Jews have almost completely destroyed the entirety of civilization with mass immigration, feminism, faggotry, opioids, etc., and called it “progress.”

Increasingly, the goyim are saying aloud: “I thought progress meant like, flying cars – not infinity niggers, terrorism and tranny senators?”

And so, the Jews are rushing through a flying cars program to attempt to quell the goyim revolt against post-modern Jewry.


Uber has announced a partnership with NASA in their efforts to take the ride-sharing company to the skies.

Uber’s futuristic ambitions were announced by the company’s chief product officer at the Web Summit in Lisbon Wednesday, as it seeks to roll out flying cars in cities across the world with testing due to begin as early as 2020. Three cities, Dallas, LA and Dubai have been selected to trial its flying cars, with NASA drafted in to help figure out how the cars will interact with other aircraft such as planes, helicopters and drones.

The Space Act Agreement, signed with NASA, will seek to create a new air-traffic control system to manage the aircraft. The company first announced its Uber Elevate plan in a white paper last October, but it seems Uber is ready to take-off very soon.

Oh, but the other thing – this is being implemented for the use of Pakis and niggers, as this promotional video shows.

I guess whites are maybe going to be allowed to use them also, but they might have to wait at the back of the line because of their white privilege.

Here’s Uber’s “Flying Car Summit.”

Uber's flying cars

How long will it be before you your Uber arrives by air rather than on the road? Uber CPO, Jeff Holden discusses at #WebSummit 2017.

Posted by Web Summit on Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Of course, this technology has been around forever – all it is is a bigger version of the remote control drones that are now available at any toy store, hobby shop or Walmart. Corporations just never did anything because there was no financial incentive, and the government – which used to do public-private partnerships to get things like this developed – was busy with other things.

Now, I guess it is cheap enough that they can roll it out with a profit by cooperating with Uber. I have no idea if this has something to do with Donald Trump. I would assume it probably does. Public-private technology development projects are something that happened when America was great.

I’m not trying to downplay this flying car project. I’m excited about it, on some level. It’s just too little too late and the commercial with no white people (above) is infuriating.

And at this point, adding this kind of technology only serves to give a false impression about the direction our society is going in. As the brown sludge rises, everything is going to go downhill in every conceivable way. Upgrading old technology by re-purposing it doesn’t really represent progress. It is just the last few white people in the tech sector doing something mildly interesting before they eventually get forced out and progress stops completely.

It’s still a relatively long way off – 5-10 years – but it will give the bugmen something to look forward to.