After Comey Bus-Throwing, Could Neocon Psychopath McMaster be Next?

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2017

Every single time Trump has appeared alongside the Neocon psychopath H.R. McMaster, he’s been wearing hostage face.

Could Trump be shaking off some of the fleas on his back?

It’s too early to tell, but James Comey’s dismissal is a step in the right direction.

The deep-state’s replacement for Michael Flynn, H.R. McMaster – or as we know him, General Handjob-Ready McJewServant – is a dangerous Neo-Con who belongs in a mental institution. McMaster enjoys “bipartisan” approval from the Washington regime and the “Never Trump” Jews, but nobody in America wants his nation-building for Israel program.

This psychopath has reportedly been bullying Trump into going along with his plans on Syria, Afghanistan, etc., and Trump is said to have had enough of him. A big reason for the increase of pressure on McMaster, the Judenpresse reports, is thanks to the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite hammering away at these anti-American Zionist pawns.

Foreign Policy:

Inside the White House, opponents of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s second national security advisor, want him out. This week, they’ve made their campaign against him public, leaking to reporters details about the rocky relationship he has with his boss and trying to paint him as someone hellbent on overseas nation-building projects that are doomed to fail. The timing isn’t accidental. The effort to damage McMaster comes as the Trump administration decides what its policy should be in Afghanistan, a debate that’s pitting McMaster against Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist.

“McMaster is pushing this Afghanistan policy through. I think some people are giving him the rope to get it through, hoping he hangs himself with it,” one senior intelligence official said.

The first story aimed at weakening McMaster came Sunday from blogger Mike Cernovich, whose reporting has served as a conduit for the alt-right wing of the White House to air its grievances and get ahead of policies it doesn’t like. Cernovich has pushed conspiracy theories and threatened to smear members of the Trump White House if Bannon is ever removed. Still, the White House has given him press credentials, and he attended a White House briefing last month.

Becoming the Mike Tyson of Media requires literally the exact same process as becoming the Highlander.

In a May 7 blog post, Cernovich suggested McMaster had become too big for his britches and that Trump intended to put him in his place at a meeting between the two on Monday. Trump’s daily schedule for Monday included a meeting with McMaster at 10 a.m. in the Situation Room.

Cernovich is intent on portraying McMaster as a crony of retired Gen. David Petraeus, which, in this depiction, means a fan of big counterinsurgency campaigns that require billions of dollars and thousands of ground troops. Cernovich’s list of McMaster’s wrongs include that he’s pushing “for a ground war in Syria and massive new surge in Afghanistan,” which, according to the source familiar with the White House’s internal deliberations, does not accurately portray the policy option McMaster is proposing. It does, however, reflect Bannon’s characterization of it, as well as his own isolationist foreign-policy views.

Cernovich’s story also contained a detail about McMaster “falling up” into a four-star job in the military (possibly as vice chief of staff of the Army or as the top commander in Afghanistan) as a way to get him out of the White House. According to the source familiar with White House politics, this comes directly from Bannon’s camp.

Bloomberg’s Eli Lake had a more devastating (as well as far better sourced) story on Monday about McMaster’s difficult relationship with Trump, who has spoken derisively to McMaster in meetings. According to Lake, Trump screamed at McMaster on a phone call for undercutting the president’s effort to get South Korea to pay for a missile defense system for which the United States had already agreed to foot the bill.

Bannon’s critique of McMaster also makes a cameo: “On policy, the faction of the White House loyal to senior strategist Steve Bannon is convinced McMaster is trying to trick the president into the kind of nation building that Trump campaigned against.

In spite of the mounting unpopularity of McMaster, he has powerful intelligence forces running interference for him. Getting him out without increasing the popular outcry will be difficult for Trump and Bannon, but McMaster’s continued insubordination and military adventurism thankfully appears to be catching up to him. Like Comey, he appears to be another Butt-Goy careerist with a God complex.

Say what you want about Cernovich, but he deserves credit for his journalistic integrity. He could easily get in the Gorilla Mindset and ape Sean Hannity, who is just a GOP toad-eater. Instead, he’s defending America in his own small way, backing up the few good people left in the White House against the rise of President Kushner and the cabal of war-profiteers and Israel-firsters.

Leaked footage of Cernovich getting 100% into the Gorilla Mindset before doing an important Periscope report.

Trump must begin purging the entire deep-state apparatus until nothing is left. It must be torn down and built from the ground up.

Fire Kushner! Fire McMaster! Send Ivanka back to her Instagram! America First!

[Editor’s note: Though it is much, much too soon to tell, it is at least a possibility that Trump is beginning to wiggle his way out of the hostage situation he got himself into. Firing McMaster and reinstating Bannon as the top guy in the White House would certainly give us at least a little bit of hope that things might start going back in the right direction, and his decisions since 4/6 have been under a duress he’s wiggling out of. BUT – remember that Striker is an extreme optimist, and don’t get any hopes up. I am 1000% certain that Trump was never some “shill from the beginning,” and that he was threatened/blackmailed sometime during the third or fourth week of March. And I know the real Trump – OUR TRUMP – is still in there. And I do hold out some hope that he could break free. BUT I’m not going to go around seriously considering that until I get way more certain signs than what we have right now. -AA]