After Calling Caravan Invasion a “Conspiracy Theory,” Media Says Actual Caravan Invasion is “Fantasy Come to Life”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

The media called President Trump’s statements that the caravan was a violent mob coming to invade the country a “fantasy,” so now that it has happened that these people have rushed the border throwing bottles and rocks…


So if you predict something obvious is going to happen, and then it happens exactly as you said it would, that is a “fantasy come to life.”

And you’re to blame for that fantasy coming to life.

This is like a situation where you’re at a party, and there’s some drunk getting ready to drive home, and you’re like “hey man, maybe you should take a cab, you don’t want to wreck.” But everybody else at the party tells him “no, you’re fine, just go ahead and drive.” Then the person gets into an accident and dies, and everyone who told him to drive calls you up and blames you for the death, saying “this is your fantasy come to life.”

And whichever other analogy you like – any situation that follows this model:

  • You predict something that is obvious
  • Other people deny that it is going to happen
  • The obvious thing happens
  • The people who denied the obvious happening would happen blame you for it happening

In this Vanity Fair article that ran that headline, the Vietnamese female immigrant does not include an argument explaining how this logic works.

Where is the mechanism?

It just says this:

If Trump had wanted it to, the “crisis” could have resolved another way. Even as tensions escalated, The Washington Post reported that U.S. officials were in tentative talks with Mexico to enforce a policy that would keep migrants on the Mexican side of the border until their asylum applications could be processed—a possibility widely panned by human-rights activists. “We have not seen a specific proposal, but any policy that would leave individuals stranded in Mexico would inevitably put people in danger,” Lee Gelernt, an A.C.L.U. attorney who has argued several immigration-related cases in recent months, told the Post, alluding to the fact that Mexico’s border states are some of the most dangerous areas in the world.

The deal, which would, in theory, establish a more orderly process for U.S. asylum applicants, is highly tentative. U.S. officials who spoke to the Post remain “anxious that the deal could fall apart,” giving way once again to scenes of chaos. But it highlights an unassailable truth: the administration could have employed other policies at the border.

What highlights the “unassailable truth”?

The fact that a deal with Mexico is falling through because Mexico doesn’t want these people in their country any more than we do?

How does that follow?

Well, obviously it does not.

And the article doesn’t even say what the policy that could have been employed is. I guess you are supposed to assume they mean “he could have just let them all in,” but it’s not clear why if that is their argument they don’t just say it.

These people spent the entire lead-up to the midterms claiming that the caravan wasn’t real, that there was not a mob of violent criminals marching toward the US border to rush it and invade the country. It turns out that the exact opposite of what they said is true.

So now it’s “oh my gawd the poor innocent children.”

That is obviously reflexive. They certainly would have preferred not to have a scene of a violent mob rushing the border.

But now they’ve got it so they’ve got to do something to frame it.

You’ve also got Jews out there saying that actually, the situation is not really a big deal and it’s just Fox News fear-mongering.

They will always throw out multiple narratives and see what sticks.

I wish the Vanity Fair argument of “Trump made this happen by saying it would happen” was the mainstream argument. They should really run with that.

Also, they should accuse Mexico of being a white supremacist and neo-Nazi KKKountry for not wanting to host the migrants. They’d better start making that claim. Because people are wondering about it.