After Bowing to Pressure to Sell Alex Berenson’s First Coronavirus Truth Book, Amazon Censors the Sequel

Alex Berenson is one of the single adults in the room.

The censors don’t take kindly to adults being in the room.


NY Times journalist-turned-Covid-19 skeptic Alex Berenson briefly had his latest anti-lockdown book pulled from Amazon along with its electronic version. By the time it returned, it was a top-10 bestseller on Apple Books.

First the paperback and then the electronic edition of ‘Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns – Part 3: Masks’ were removed from Amazon on Tuesday, Berenson revealed in a series of tweets that same day.

The book attempts to debunk the hypothesis, favored by most governments but apparently lacking convincing scientific proof, that wearing even non-medical masks stops the spread of Covid-19.

However, Berenson had made a point of posting the new book on Barnes & Noble and Apple Books. His tweets about Amazon censorship apparently sent followers into the arms of Apple Books, where the title proceeded to soar to number nine within a few hours.

Nevertheless frustrated over Amazon’s censorship, Berenson pointed out that he had discussed the coming release of the third installment in his Covid-19 booklet series with Amazon Kindle personnel in an effort to avoid the supposedly automated deplatforming he’d experienced with the first book in the series.

‘Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns – Part 1: Introduction and Death Counts and Estimates’ was briefly banned in June before a massive backlash against the move, spearheaded by Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, successfully convinced the tech giant to change its mind.

In addition to spuriously deleting Berenson’s book, Amazon hosted “several fakes” of the manuscript, the writer claimed, complaining the e-tailer “refused to pull them despite my repeated requests.”

However, Berenson’s complaints not only convinced Amazon to bring his book back online – they drove the e-book to number one in the epidemiology section.

Berenson is far from the only Covid-19 skeptic to be mysteriously deplatformed from Amazon. Writer James Perloff was disturbed to find his book ‘Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come: Red Pilled’ banned last month, echoing Berenson’s concerns about the absence of a concrete explanation for the sentence. Both writers protested that all their information was thoroughly researched and footnoted.

Saying “this shouldn’t be censored because it’s factual” is like saying “Jews shouldn’t claim to be oppressed because they are the single wealthiest and most powerful group of people on earth.” It misses the entire point of the thing.

“Disinformation” is a euphemism for “against the regime” in the same way that “hate” is a euphemism for “against the regime.”

Amazon sells books about witchcraft, Scientology and chiropractics. The idea that they are concerned about the truthfulness of information is a lie (it’s also insane that you would claim to only sell “truthful” books). Just so, costumed neo-Nazis are allowed to use social media and payment processors freely, because they support the lockdowns and tell their followers to vote for Joe Biden.

In his Twitter bio, Berenson refers to himself as “censoree.”

That is indeed an appropriate term.

Do you remember when they told you that they were only going to censor Andrew Anglin, because he was a special and unique case, given that he made mean jokes about a morbidly obese woman who had a heart attack?

Berenson’s books are great, and his Twitter feed is too.

Tap in.