After Banning Anglin and Everyone Else, Twitter Shares Collapsing as Investors Rage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2017

I was permabanned from Twitter for making fun of black people – something which did not, at least at the time, violate Twitter’s ToS.

Other’s have been banned for similar reasons. MILO the Jew homo was banned for saying that gorilla bitch from Ghostbusters looked like a monkey. Wait – I think all he did was say she looked like a man. Chuck Johnson was banned for saying he was going to write a hitpiece on Deray, which @jack and then the Jewish media claimed was an assassination threat.

Six million others were banned for hurting people’s feelings.

Point being: I would be encouraging my readers to make accounts. I would be promoting their site. We all would.

No black person or woman or whoever stopped using Twitter because they were being made fun of. Some women and Jews said they were going to quit, but then ended up coming back.

I have no idea what percentage of the loss of growth Twitter is suffering is due to their banning right-wing viewpoints, but I believe it is a large percentage. Because look – it goes beyond simply us and the people we would encourage to join. You also have the fact that leftists themselves enjoyed the experience of arguing with rightists. That was what made the platform enjoyable for a lot of people.

“You’re a misogynist” – “Yes, and you’re a cunt.”

There were already plenty of hugboxes, where leftists could go and be amongst their own kind and agree with each other all day. What made Twitter a fun platform for people of all political persuasions was the ability to engage all types of other people in direct confrontation.

And I guarantee you that the Jews and women who lobbied for getting us all banned are now using the platform less, and drawing in fewer new users, simply because we are gone.

Jack does not know how to run a social media company because he has no conception of sociology.


Twitter Inc shares tumbled more than 10 percent in premarket trading on Thursday after the social media platform disappointed investors with stagnant monthly active user growth in the second quarter.

Despite its appeal among celebrities and public figures, Twitter has struggled to sustain its closely watched user growth even as it invested in features and live content to help draw viewers and boost user engagement.

It is in stiff competition for advertising dollars with other platforms like larger rival Facebook Inc and Snap Inc’s messaging app Snapchat.

Twitter had 328 million average monthly active users (MAU) in the three months through June 30, unchanged from the previous quarter. Analysts were expecting 328.8 million, according to financial data and analytics firm FactSet.

Twitter shares had run up some 40 percent since mid-April as investors bet on another quarter of growth after the microblogging service reported that it added 9 million more monthly active users than expected in the first quarter.

“If you really can’t accelerate MAU interest given the daily tweets from POTUS, not sure when you will,” said Michael Nathanson, senior research analyst of MoffettNathanson Research, referring to U.S. President Donald Trump’s frequent use of Twitter.

Trump, one of the most active politicians on Twitter, has tweeted multiple times a day on average since his inauguration in January, according to social media analytics company Zoomph.

“The positive contributions to MAU growth from product improvements in the second quarter were offset by lower seasonal benefits and other factors, resulting in flat MAU quarter-over-quarter,” said Chief Operating Officer Anthony Noto during a conference call with analysts.

In the United States, Twitter’s average monthly active users declined to 68 million in the second quarter from 70 million in the first quarter.

Monthly active users, a key performance indicator for social networking services, is typically calculated by tabulating the number of users who have logged in and logged out during the 30-day period.

Revenue fell about 4.7 percent to $573.9 million, the second time it has fallen since Twitter’s debut in 2013.

Shares of Twitter fell more than 10 percent to $17.63 in premarket trading on Thursday.

Twitter is “too big to fail,” and it won’t ever collapse, because people will keep using it. There is no real competitor, and there won’t be for the foreseeable future. Gab is not a competitor, it doesn’t work and it won’t ever work. Even if Gab did work, it probably wouldn’t be successful. Any of these “oh but we’re for free speech” platforms are going to fail, because all they do is attract a bunch of Nazis at their launch, to the point where 90% of their userbase is Nazis, and very few non-Nazis are going to be interested in joining such a platform.

What worked was when normal companies allowed free speech, but the ADL, the SPLC and people like Anita Sarkeesian have successfully lobbied to end the practice of normal companies allowing free speech.

So what we are left with is boredom.

tfw you wish the The Young Turks had finished the job.

Same face again.