After Apple Announces Cellphone Market Collapse, Samsung Does Same

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2018


The era of paying $800 for a new phone every year is definitely over.

The only replacements from anyone normal at this point are going to be after drops or because of planned obsolesce battery-drain conspiracies.


Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that its fourth-quarter earnings likely decreased sharply due to lackluster demand in its memory chip business as well growing competition in the smartphone segment.

The South Korean tech giant predicted operating profit for the three months ended December was approximately 10.8 trillion Korean won ($9.67 billion) — or 28.71 percent down from a year ago.

The figure missed market expectations, coming in 18.18 percent less than the 13.2 trillion won that analysts had predicted after factoring in the weakness in the semiconductor market. The expected average was already significantly lower than Samsung’s third-quarter operating profit of 17.57 trillion won and below the 14.87 trillion netted in the June quarter.

Consolidated sales for the fourth-quarter is predicted to be around 59 trillion won, lower than the 62.8 trillion won analysts predicted in a Reuters poll, and 10.57 percent down from a year ago.

I think both Apple and Samsung are lying about how much their sales are going to drop.

Actually, Samsung might not be, because a 10% drop in total profits is for them not a huge drop in phone sales.

Because unlike Apple, they were smart enough to make a bunch of things people want to buy, instead of following an “infinity cellphones forever lol” business model created by the cocksucker Rim Cook.



Compare to Apple:

Although I don’t know what percentage of those semiconductors Samsung is selling to Apple, lol.

Really stupid for Apple not to make their own parts. And their own other stuff. People would have bought an entire range of IOT products from Apple if they’d have made them. And paid their 40% premium for putting their logo on it.

They could have just bought appliances from Samsung and put their logo on them.

It really is an amazing failure that Tim Cock has committed. It will go down in history as an utter disaster, destroying what was once the biggest company in the world by refusing to respond to a changing marketplace and instead simply trying to bully people into buying the same cellphone over and over with scams and marketing hoaxes.

And he can’t be removed.

Because he sucks cocks.

And he sucks kikes.