After a Three Year Russian Hoax, Mueller Report Finally Drops (With Full Text of Witch Hoax)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2019

I haven’t read the report.

You can read it here, if you give enough of a shit.

But the basic thing happening here is that Democrats have totally given up on anything to do with a Russian conspiracy, and are now focusing on the way that Trump dealt with the investigation itself – this endless “obstruction” meme will continue endlessly.

Of course, the fact that the entire investigation was not launched in good faith, and was in fact a Jewish conspiracy, should pretty much mean that whatever Trump did in dealing with it is irrelevant.

However, the entire goal of the Mueller witch hunt was to entrap people with bullshit process crimes – lying to him, lying to Congress, whatever. Some thing that occurred during the course of the investigation, as a result of the investigation. That is what every single person he indicted did, allegedly.

The only actual part of the report I care about, and probably will read, is the part where they try to explain how they figured out that Russians posted memes, and why exactly they have determined that posting those memes was illegal. Because that still doesn’t make any sense. And it is the entire basis of the claim that Russia “interfered” with our election.

Of course, Putin has said that if anyone posted any memes from Russia, it was probably the Jews.

And given how this has all unfolded…. that checks out.

The Mueller Sanhedrin also claims that Russians did the Wikileaks hacks. There is zero evidence of that either, so I’m interested to see how Mueller convicted them of that as well.

But the rest of this bullshit I’m not even curious about, to be honest. I’m just so sick of it all.


Apparently, it has also been determined – somehow, no idea how – that Julian Assange only received the Podesta and DNC emails, and didn’t engage in any hacking. We already knew that, but I have no idea how they would prove it either way.