After 88 Generals, Trump is Now Endorsed by 14 Heroes

Daily Stormer
September 14, 2016

Symbols matter.

The heavens have bestowed a new, powerful omen upon us.

They graced us with the sign of the 88 blessed generals last week. There are some who doubted, but even the enemy was cast into despair at their sight.

Now, beyond hope, the holy number 14 has followed the 88, and the soothsayers confirm that the prophesy of KEK has come to fruition.

The Washington Times:

The impressive Trump army just got a little bigger. Fourteen Medal of Honor recipients have also endorsed Mr. Trump; they hail from all four branches of the military, and served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the war on terror.


The frog army is coming.

“These soldiers are the personification of courage under fire; they are the best of us all,” Mr. Trump said. “Their honorable service to our country is an inspiration to every one of us. It is a reminder that America has been the world’s most indispensable nation because of the great character of our people.”


May the enemies of KEK be destroyed utterly in his amphibian fury!

Hail KEK!

As Trump is soaring above his worthless competitors, the very fabric of the universe has aligned to bestow upon him the blessings of 14/88. May the Jews and other servants of darkness tremble, for their days are numbered.


You doubt KEK, even while he holds the very stars in his bosom?

Trump has demonstrated not only that he has the strength to smite his foes, but that he has mastered the forbidden arts of meme magic, and is unleashing these occult forces to aid his campaign.

Nothing can stand in our path any longer, my brothers.