Africoon-Apemerican Who Killed White Human During Home Shooting Turns Himself In

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

Terry Johnson.


You mean I be getting free food, free shelter and free TV in prison?

And whitey be payin’ fo’ it?

Sheeeiiittt, I shoulda killed one of dem muhfuggahs years ago…

News Channel 5:

Terry Johnson has been charged in a shooting that killed one and injured another in Ripley, Tenn. Sunday after turning himself in.

The shooting took place at a home on Church Street Sunday evening.

A visitor at the home, William Black, died from his injuries. Another visitor was critically wounded.

TBI agents joined the Ripley Police Department in investigating the shooting. Their investigation led them to identifying Johnson as responsible for the shooting.

Johnson turned himself into the Lauderdale County jail, and is charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder.

William Black.

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