African Tribal Warlord Obama Tells Fake President to Go Buckwild with Executive Decrees!

If these people get into power, they are going to go completely nuts.


President-elect Joe Biden won the presidency in large part because he promised to be the anti-Trump on policy, temperament, tone and just about everything else. But two men who helped run the Obama White House are urging him to follow President Trump’s example in a specific way: by unapologetically leaning on executive actions to implement key policies.

The advice from former Obama chiefs of staff Rahm Emanuel and Denis McDonough comes as Biden prepares to enter office with an agenda potentially stalled by a closely divided Congress: a much smaller House majority than expected and a 50-50 Senate, at best.

“There is — as President Trump himself has demonstrated with the consent, quite obvious consent of Republicans in Congress – an enormous amount of leeway for the president to institute executive action on things like immigration and energy and climate policy,” said McDonough, who served as chief of staff for much of Obama’s second term.

Obama himself signed many high-profile executive orders and pushed for broad administrative rules changes on environment, education, immigration, and labor policies, among many other areas. But unlike Trump, most of Obama’s high-profile orders came once his party lost its majorities in Congress and major legislation was no longer an option.

“Trump changes that, and moves aggressively on executive orders – a multitude of them on multiple fronts,” said Emanuel, Obama’s first chief of staff. “Everything on immigration, etc., without any legislation.”

Many orders are already in the works. Speaking to MSNBC on Thursday, incoming Biden chief of staff Ron Klain promised a “sack” of executive orders Biden will sign on his first day in the Oval Office.

Many of those actions will be amount to a redoing of Obama administration policies that Trump has spent four years undoing: “Protecting the DREAMers, for example, starting on day one,” Klain said, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Trump tried to end. “Rejoining the Paris Accords for climate change starting on day one, reversing some of the environmental rollbacks we’ve seen from President Trump.”

This is all just theater, mind you.

No one is telling Joe Biden anything. Joe Biden is completely senile. He can’t even speak in sentences.

He would be at meetings saying, “why is President Obama not here?”

And probably half the time, Obama would be there. Along with councils upon councils of Jews.