African Nations Demand $700BN a Year from White Countries as Reparations for Ruining Weather

In this picture, a distressed black man realizes that the white man has turned his jungle into a desert.

You can’t really blame Africans here.

White people and “white people” went to their countries and told them that they had changed the weather and that this was causing all of their problems.

The Guardian:

African nations want Cop26 to open discussions this week on a mega-financing deal that would channel $700bn (£520bn) every year from 2025 to help developing nations adapt to the climate crisis.

Tanguy Gahouma-Bekale, the chair of the African Group of Negotiators on climate change, said the increased finance was needed for the accelerated phase of decarbonisation required to hold global heating to 1.5C.

These funds would also be essential, he said, to cope with the impacts, including fiercer heat, widening droughts and more intense storms and floods, which are using up an increasingly large share of GDP. According to a recent study, some African nations are already spending more on climate adaptation than on healthcare and education.

“The work on this needs to start now,” said the climate diplomat from Gabon. “Talks about finance take time so we need to have a roadmap now with clear milestones on how to achieve targets after 2025 to ensure the money flows every year.”

It is also a question of justice. The climate problem was largely created by Europe, North America and east Asia, but the worst impacts are in the southern hemisphere. In 2009, rich nations promised $100bn a year, which was considered a downpayment and an important gesture of trust.

If you think about it, saying that the fake climate change problem was created largely by white people is no different than saying that civilization was created by white people.

Pretty racist to suggest that blacks can’t change the weather through their inventions.

Until now, they have welched on the deal by providing only 80% of what they had promised. For the African group, Glasgow is a time to make amends and lift the level of support in line with the greater urgency demanded by science.

The money is needed immediately, say negotiators. According to a recent study by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Cameron devotes close to 9% of its GDP on climate adaptation, Ethiopia 8%, Zimbabwe 9%, while Sierra Leone, Senegal and Ghana are all more than 7%. Even with these high shares of domestic funding, the study found a gap of about 80% between need and expenditure.

Wait, what?

No one can even point to a single thing that is different now than a few decades ago. We always had earthquakes and hurricanes, and Africa doesn’t have an issue with either anyway.

This is all about a wealth transfer to the third world from white countries, which is the opposite side of mass immigration. What globalists are trying to do is balance everything out, and make the entire world one gigantic cesspit.