African Amnesty: Help Africans Go Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2015

They have a right to return.
They have a right to return.

Some desperate African-Americans are calling on the governments of the continent of Africa to allow them to escape the institutional racism, police brutality, microaggressions and other discriminations in the US and return to where they belong: Africa.

They have formed a Facebook page and a hashtag and are asking people to sign a petition.

The petition, posted on, reads:

Dear African Governments:

African Americans – as that term has been used to describe all of the descendants of Africans stolen from the continent more than 400 years ago – are experiencing what can only be called neoslavery on the land that our ancestors were forced to build. We experience daily, relentless attacks by the police, suffer high rates of incarceration due largely to discriminatory laws and sentencing, not to mention economic, health, and employment disparities for no other reason than being Black in America. One can only turn on the news to see the treatment that we are receiving in the United States, and it is only getting worse.

We are writing to request that any and all African nations consider granting us asylum within your borders.

We understand that Africa is a continent with vast and dynamic cultural tapestries and thus there is no one-size-fits-all place where we can return. We are simply asking that we have the opportunity to return to the birthplace of our ancestors in order to try to rebuild and heal from our trauma. In return, we will bring all of the talents, skill, and richness that we have given to America in order to help make your nations great while still preserving your cultural identities.

We are ready to return home. We hope you will accept us.


My heart goes out to these Africans and I wish to do everything in my power to help them get back to Africa. Please, sign the petition. They need all the help they can get, as so many Whites are trying to keep them in America so that they can continue to oppress them.

The photos on their Facebook page are touching.

Witness souls screaming out to escape the oppression they never wanted.


All they want is to go home.

If the need of these people does not touch your heart, you don’t have one.