African-“American” “Model” Refuses to Wear Monkey Costume, Cries Racism

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2020

Blackface is a thing of the past.

These days, “oversized ears and overgrown red lips” is where it’s at.

Daily Mail:

An African American runway model refused to wear a costume which depicted her as a monkey with oversized ears and overgrown red lips during a show in New York City.

Amy Lefevre, 25, says she refused to don the ‘racist’ accessories during a February 7 runway show staged by the Fashion Institute of Technology at Manhattan’s Pier59 Studios.

I stood there almost ready to break down telling the staff that I felt incredibly uncomfortable with having to wear these pieces and that they were clearly racist,’ Lefevre told the New York Post.

All blacks know that they’re closer to chimpanzees than they are to white people, so they all get really defensive about anything that highlights their chimpanzee features.

This is Amy Lafevre:

You can see she already has overgrown lips. If she weren’t hiding her ears, it would be easy to see that those are also oversized. Chimplike long finger bones also standing out in that picture.

‘I was told that it was fine to feel uncomfortable for only 45 seconds.’

Lefevre, who has been modeling on runways for four years, said it was the worst experience of her young career.

‘I was literally shaking,’ she told the Post.

‘I could not control my emotions. My whole body was shaking.

‘I have never felt like that in my life.’

Lefevre added: ‘People of color are struggling too much in 2020 for the promoters not to have vetted and cleared accessories for the shows.’

White people realizing that blacks are animals and sending all of them back to Africa or locking all of them up in some zoo is probably blacks’ worst nightmare.

The oversized lips and ears were designed by Junkai Huang, who recently graduated from FIT after arriving from his native China to study here.

According to the Post, the concept behind Huang’s design was to highlight ‘ugly features of the body.’

It is likely that Huang was unaware of the racial connotations that his work might provoke in some observers.

Innocent Chinese people don’t really understand why everyone in the West pretends that blacks are human and that blacks aren’t hideous.

It’s something obvious that everyone can see, yet no one is pointing it out.

The answer, of course, is that most white people are under some kind of spell that makes them see something nice every time they point their eyes to a black specimen.

Instead of seeing this:

Most whites in the West see this:

It’s an interesting kind of magic.