Africa: Experts Say Ebola-Chan is Out of Control

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2019

White veterinarians in Africa are losing the last bit of control they had left. Ebola-Chan continues her cleansing mission despite their interference, and soon she’ll be unstoppable.

Daily Mail:

The current outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been labelled ‘terrifying’ by health experts, who warned that the virus is now out of control.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, the head of the Wellcome Trust, which has been active in aid operations in the country, said he believes the outbreak is the ‘worst in history’ and warned that it is getting worse.

Figures from the World Health Organisation show more than 1,600 people have been infected with Ebola since the outbreak began – resulting in over 1,000 deaths.

I’m very concerned – as concerned as one can be,’ said Dr Farrar.

Whether it gets to the absolute scale of west Africa or not, none of us know, but this is massive in comparison with any other outbreak in the history of Ebola and it is still expanding.’

According to the Guardian, Dr Farrar has called for a ceasefire among warring rival factions to allow health teams to reach the sick in the DRC and protect others in the community.

And he says measures need to be taken quickly by the UN to stop the virus spreading.

‘It’s remarkable it hasn’t spread more geographically but the numbers are frightening and the fact that they are going up is terrifying,’ he added.

It comes after an expert last week told MailOnline the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo could end up as disastrous as the West Africa epidemic of 2014.

Dr Osman Dar, a global health expert at Chatham House and member of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh and Public Health England, warned the situation must change.

Ebola, a haemorrhagic fever, killed at least 11,000 across the world after it decimated West Africa and spread rapidly between 2014-2016.

David Miliband, the head of the International Rescue Committee, has called for a ‘reset’ in the response to the crisis.

The situation is far more dangerous than the statistic of 1,000 deaths, itself the second largest in history, suggests and the suspension of key services threatens to create a lethal inflection point in the trajectory of the disease,’ he said.

The danger is that the number of cases spirals out of control, despite a proven vaccine and treatment.’

All of their efforts are futile.

There are no proven vaccines or treatments for love.

According to WHO director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: ‘Cases are increasing because of violent acts that set us back each time.’

There have been ’30 different incidents and attacks against elements of the response’ to the outbreak, according to Doctors Without Borders.

The medical aid group has temporarily suspended its operations at two of its centres in Congo after arsonists set fire to them.

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