Africa Comes to Madrid

Diversity Macht Frei
March 18, 2018

On Friday night, an African died of a heart attack in a street in Madrid. One hour later, negroes started protesting. Here you hear them shouting “La policía mata” [The police kill].

Soon the protests turned to riots and destruction.

The story at first was that the dead negro was an illegal street seller being chased by the police when he died. Later the narrative fell apart.

First he wasn’t being chased.

An eyewitness to Mbaye’s death said that he was not being chased. Manuel, a 20-year-old resident of Oso street who declined to provide his last name, said he heard sounds at around 5pm on Thursday and stepped out on the balcony of his third-floor apartment. Looking down, he saw a man walking by himself who suddenly dropped to the ground.

“When he collapsed, there was nobody chasing him,” said Manuel.

Second, he wasn’t a street seller.

“He was not a street vendor. Nobody said anything about that, and there was no merchandise anywhere in the vicinity,” said these sources.

Third, the police were trying to help him.

While the health workers attempted to revive the man, dozens of African men gathered around and began verbally harassing the law enforcement officers. A rumor then began circulating that a street vendor had just died after being chased by the police.

This false rumor was quickly propagated via social media. A few Senegalese migrant support organizations asked for calm, but anti-establishment and far-left groups quickly picked up on the chance to cause a public disturbance, said sources briefed on the matter. Individuals began arriving in the area from other parts of the city and started ripping up pavement stones, knocking over waste containers, vandalizing banks and lighting bonfires.

At 8.50pm, when the dead man’s body was taken to the Forensic Institute, a large group of people blocked the hearse and set up street barricades.


So what are we left with? A purely random event occurs. A negro drops dead of a heart attack. His racial kinfolk then immediately start rioting and destroying the property of the people whose country they have illegally imposed themselves upon.

The episode illustrates why diversity can never work. Racially diverse people don’t trust one other and don’t empathise with one other. In that context, even random events can provoke conflict.

Here you see the negroes marching down a street, systematically smashing the windshield of every car.