Africa Ball Fans Instructed in Proper Negro Worship

Modern Heretic
October 8, 2015


Europe is being destroyed at an unprecedented rate by foreign invasion. The non-White population levels are exploding while Whites aren’t even having children at the replacement level. Jewish spiritual poison is openly promoted in our educational complex and on the electronic synagogue. We’re facing White Genocide in the form of an all-out kosher assault from nearly every possible direction.

Obviously the correct solution to this war of annihilation is to watch the negro ball. But hold on there, you “races!” There’s a right and wrong way to worship the amazing dark animals on “Red” as they battle our eternal enemy, the negroes on “Blue.” You don’t want to offend the tar-colored monster in uniform, this is much more important than having any pride in your own race or concern for an increasingly bleak future.

Offensive “black face” on future single mothers of mulatto kids.

AZ Central:

Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Athletics posted a message Monday asking fans not to paint their faces at any sporting event, a notable request ahead of ASU Football’s annual “blackout” game this weekend.

By all means prostrate yourself in front of living fossils and waste your time and money following the antics of evolutionary dead-ends who would gladly kill you given the chance. But let’s watch out for that Face Crime! Also, LOL at “blackout” game. Yeah, no kidding. Look at that boy run, wow, what a hero.

ASU fans wear all black during the annual blackout game as a way to show team spirit for the players when they wear their all-black uniforms.

Don’t forget the all-black skin of the hero affletes. These are scholar athletes, given free access to White snow hoes and pathetic appeasement and groveling from White “men.” Try not to think about that student loan debt and the poor job prospects made worse by systematic anti-White discrimination as you watch Barkevious score the big “tug.”

This year’s is against University of Colorado Boulder this Saturday, and they’re promoting #BlackOutBuffs.

More like #BlackOutCucks. Don’t try to direct when your negro superiors are playing a child’s game and make sure you don’t do anything that isn’t approved by the jew behind the curtain first.

Last year, the game sparked controversy when a few fans wore black face paint to the game, which some said too closely echoed blackface, a form of theatrical makeup widely regarded as racist.

Just because you’re a pitiful negro ball bleacher eunuch doesn’t mean you’re exempt from our State Religion of cultural marxism. “Races” paint! The fact that you’re literally worshiping the negro while wearing it doesn’t mitigate this sin, not even a little.

Wow, this living fossil sure is muscular.

During the backlash in the weeks after that game, the African-American student coalition at ASU and other leaders called for a ban on all face paint.

The great thing about “diversity” is how everyone comes together, works toward commons goals, shares the same national vision and unifies from weak individual twigs to form a mighty faggot.

In the end, ASU asked fans not to paint their faces for any games but did not ban its use.

We’re not going to put you in a gulag, sports fan. Well, not yet anyway.

White actors created blackface in the 19th century by darkening their faces and painting their lips to circus-clown proportions. They played to racist stereotypes, not only with their exaggerated appearances but also by acting ignorant, blundering and lazy.

Yes, those weird “stereotypes” crafted from whole cloth with no connection whatsoever to the pathological behavior of the American negro.

“As an inclusive and forward-thinking university, it is important for us to foster an environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted.”

The best way to do this, clearly, is to create dozens of victim groups targeting endlessly put-upon Whites.

“We look forward to working with all of Sun Devil Nation on continuing to show our support in ways that all of us can appreciate and embrace.”

Keep turning over your daughters to violent and dangerous football animals, but no shoe polish, all right?

The jew and the rot it promotes.