Afghans vs. Syrians! Refugee Riot in Dresden Camp

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2015

Dresden was given a refugee camp in the center of the city, a way for Merkel to punish the town for being the base of anti-immigration group Pegida.

Suffice to say, it has definitely brought the intended suffering down on the town that Merkel intended.

Apparently, they put Syrians and Afghans in the same place. As a racist, I would know not to do that – why would an anti-racist, who claims to care about these people, not know not to do that?

Are they stupid? Or did they want them to fight in the camp as further punishment of the town of Dresden for having resisted the invasion?

If they are willing to use the immigrants to fight each other in order to cause chaos, then how can they claim to care about the welfare of the immigrants?

It almost looks like they don’t care about the welfare of immigrants, and the whole immigration program is simply about destroying the homeland of the White race through aggressive demographic replacement.

Interestingly enough, a Jewish German politician recently said that this is the exact purpose of the “asylum seeker” program.