Afghanistan: Disturbing Footage Emerges of Taliban Building Invincible Armada to Oppress Women and Trannies

Yet another reason to vote Taliban in the upcoming midterm elections.

If you don’t have a Taliban candidate running in your district, just write “TALIBAN” on the voting form thing.

Sputnik News:

As the Taliban* conducted its rapid takeover of Afghanistan last month, a number of its militants were caught on camera engaged in various recreational activities that are perhaps usually considered too frivolous for a hardened guerrilla fighter, such as riding bumper cars and carousels or bouncing on a trampoline.

And now, it seems that members of the Taliban have decided to take part in some aquatic recreations as well.

According to the Daily Star, militants belonging to the Taliban were spotted riding swan-shaped pedal boats at a lake in Band-e Amir national park, with images of their fooling about emerging on social media.

Some of the men seen in these photos appear to be carrying small arms, with at least one militant touting an RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Who would have thought that the Taliban would not only be morally superior to the West, but also so much more fun?