Afghani Bomber Arrested After Shootout!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2016

Let’s not jump to any conclusions here.

There’s no reason to believe this man is an Islamic terrorist, and no reason to believe a bombing happened. It may well be that Donald Trump has made all of this up. He’s a chronic liar and a racist, driven by hatred.


Police have arrested Ahmad Rahami, wanted in connection with the bombings in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, after a shoot-out in Linden, New Jersey. Two police officers were reported injured.

Two officers were reported injured by gunfire, after they responded to reports of a suspect shooting at passing cars in Linden, a city just south of Elizabeth.

Police said the suspect was detained. Sources told NBC News the suspect was identified as Rahami, a 28-year-old Elizabeth, NJ resident suspected in a series of explosions in New Jersey and New York over the weekend.

Rahami was reported “alive but injured”. Local media showed a photo of him being loaded into an ambulance.

Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage confirmed Rahami’s arrest and clarified that two officers were actually shot during the encounter, one in the chest and another in the hand. Officers also found a “suspicious package.”

The bomb squad and explosive-sniffing dogs have been called in.

Police identified the Afghanistan-born Rahami on Monday as a person of interest in the series of bombing incidents over the weekend in New Jersey and New York City.

One improvised explosive device detonated just minutes before a US Marine Corps charity race on Saturday, in Seaside Park. Another bomb, also located in a trash bin, went off in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, injuring 29 people.

An unexploded pressure-cooker bomb was found several blocks away. A fourth device detonated at the Elizabeth, New Jersey train station Monday morning, as police were trying to disarm it.

The question on everyone’s mind is: why did Donald Trump call this a “bombing”?

No one knows what happened.

But if we want these mysterious explosions to stop happening, there is only one real solution: more Moslem immigrants. Less Moslem immigration helps ISIS and other terrorist groups that want to kill Americans.

Let me explain that to you.

Moslems are all peaceful people. Islam is in fact a religion of peace, as any brief glance at the history of the religion shows. However, if you do something that hurts their feelings, such as say something mean about them or not let infinite numbers of them come to your country and live on welfare, they will join terrorist groups and murder you at random. And it will be your fault.

“But how will they murder us if they are not in our countries in the first place?” you may ask.

Well, there are already millions of them here. We can’t kick them out simply because they are murdering us at random. That would be racism – and by “racism,” I mean an irrational hatred and fear of a foreign people based on the color of their skin. If we block more of them from coming in, the ones who are already here will begin slaughtering us.

So, it is simply a fact that the only way to prevent this sort of thing is to bring hundreds of thousands of people from Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan to live in our country on welfare.

Hillary Clinton cares about keeping you safe from terrorism. That’s why she’s calling for a 500% increase on the number of Islamic refugees we allow into this country.