Afghan Women Demonstrate in Support of Taliban!

The media would never say it, but of course most Pashtun women like the Taliban.

I don’t say that ironically. It’s just true.


Dozens of women donning black niqabs have taken to streets of Kabul to voice support for the Taliban and its strict interpretation of Sharia law. The rally followed a wave of heated women’s rights protests in Afghanistan.

Several dozen women, purportedly female students of Shaheed Rabbani Education University in Kabul, marched through the city streets on Saturday, chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest), in support of Taliban rule.

The majority of the participants in the small and orderly procession were clad in head-to-toe black and veils and carried placards reading: “We don’t want co-education,” “Our rights safe in Islam” and “Women who left Afghanistan cannot represent us,” in reference to those who fled Afghanistan as part of the chaotic US-led evacuation effort after Kabul fell to the Taliban in mid-August.

“We want from the Islamic Emirate to ensure all rights of the women. Access to knowledge, work, and health must be stated in their priority, and they must focus on these issues,” one of the protesters said, as reported by RT’s Ruptly video agency.

Taliban militants, some armed with machine guns and rifles, marched alongside the women to apparently provide security.

The rally followed a meeting in the university that featured about 300 women, AFP reported. Some of them took the floor to denounce the women’s rights protesters, and argued that the US-backed Afghan government of exiled President Ashraf Ghani was “misusing women” and “recruiting women just by their beauty.”

Daud Haqqani, director of foreign relations at the education ministry, insisted that although the rally was authorized by the new Taliban government, it was called for by the female demonstrators themselves.

Just in general, there is no evidence that women actually enjoy having liberation.

Women’s liberation is primarily a tool of the Jews to destroy society.

Women’s brains are so muddled however, they don’t really have any idea what they want, which leads to total nonsense.

Of course, no one will support women when they choose masculine authority over liberation.