Afghan Refugees Outraged, Demanding the Americans Do More and More and More for Them

There is a 100% chance that if you let “refugees” into your country, they will not be grateful and instead will start berating you and making all kinds of outrageous demands.

It is insane to allow these savages to come to our homes and degrade us in this manner.

Yahoo! News:

In the largest community of Afghan refugees in America, anger and frustration is boiling over about the U.S. withdrawal and a return to Taliban rule.

“There was not a strategy. There was no plan. There was nothing,” Rona Popal, executive director of the Fremont, California-based non-profit Afghan Coalition, told Yahoo News.

Since 1996, Afghan Coalition has provided a range of services to refugees from Afghanistan, helping settle thousands in the Bay Area town that is considered a part of Silicon Valley. But when reports began coming in over the weekend that Taliban fighters were quickly taking over as U.S.-trained security forces melted away –– in some cases without a fight –– the non-profit’s phones began ringing non-stop.

“They’re calling in 24 hours: What’s going on? What they should do? And especially mostly they are calling [for] how they can bring their family members to the United States,” Popal said.

Like many Afghan-Americans, Popal said she is struggling to understand the sudden reversal of U.S. policy in her former homeland.

“The United States already said they can’t do anything, they just want to bring those people. But how you going to bring them and how many of them are you going to bring?” she said. “There are the whole people who lived in Kabul, working with different agencies, NGO’s, embassies. How many of them you can bring? It doesn’t make sense and it’s not right.”

“We just got one message from the United States from their embassy that they gave them one link to go ahead and fill out a form for the ones who want to bring family members or if they are SIV [Special Immigrant Visa],” Popal said. “The people don’t usually understand how to get them here and they need help.”

More than 60,000 Afghans have relocated to the Bay Area over recent decades, with most settling in East Bay communities like Fremont, Hayward, Union City and San Jose. Popal and her husband fled Afghanistan ahead of the Soviet invasion in December of 1979 and eventually founding Afghan Coalition in Fremont.

Bitch, shut your mouth.

How in the hell do these people come to my country and start making all of these demands?

Why is this allowed?

Who is allowing this?

Bitch should be wrapped in a burka and air dropped into Talibanist Kabul.

These people were outside of the White House whining!

What are these people doing in my country???

It’s time to go back to your shithole!

It’s safe and peaceful now!