Afghan Anne Franks Ficki-Ficki Female American Soldier at New Mexico Refugee Camp

Remember when Sean Hannity spent weeks demanding that Joe Biden bring more Afghan refugees into America?

He even brought on that Jew Mark Levin to shrilly shriek about how all the potential Afghan refugees who Biden didn’t give refugee status were “Anne Franks” who would be Holocausted by the Islamo-Hitlers.

Well, maybe Sean’s not a beta cuck, and is in fact an alpha chad who just wanted to see female soldiers get what they have coming to them?


The FBI will investigate an alleged assault on a female American soldier by a group of Afghan males temporarily housed at a refugee encampment in New Mexico, the bureau and the military confirmed to news outlets.

The unnamed soldier reported being assaulted by a “small group” of Afghan evacuees at Fort Bliss’ Dona Ana Complex in New Mexico last week, a spokesperson for the military base told media on Friday.

“We take the allegation seriously and appropriately referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The safety and well-being of our service members, as well as all of those on our installations, is paramount,” the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss Public Affairs said in a statement emailed to Fox and The Hill.

Both outlets also confirmed the FBI’s involvement, with FBI Public Affairs Officer Special Agent Jeanette Harper telling Fox the bureau is “investigating this allegation,” while The Hill added that the agency’s El Paso, Texas office would take point on the probe.

While the military base noted the incident took place on September 19, no other details were given as to what may have happened or the exact nature of the assault. The Fort Bliss spokesperson did note, however, that the US soldier had since been offered counseling services, and that additional safety protocols would be introduced at the site.

If Hannity goes on tonight and says something like “well, if she would have been in the kitchen instead of pretending to be a soldier, this wouldn’t have happened,” then you’ll know this was his alpha male ficki-ficki rape agenda all along.

If that wasn’t his plan all along, however, he probably needs to explain why he demanded all of these people be brought into our country.

Last month, Ted Cruz was also involved in Hannity’s campaign, claiming that Biden needed to bring “every Afghan ally” to America.

Depending on how you define “Afghan ally,” that could potentially be as many as 15 million people. Even a conservative definition of “Afghan ally” would be over a million. Note that neither Hannity, Levin, Cruz nor any of the other Republicans demanding that Joe Biden bring these people into our country ever defined what they meant by “Afghan ally.”

Ted Cruz is now claiming that Biden brought the wrong allies, and is demanding accountability.

Again, Cruz did not provide a definition of “Afghan ally” when he was demanding that Joe Biden bring in an arbitrary number – larger than what he brought – to live on welfare and rape when in our country.

I’ll tell you: seeing all of those conservatives screaming for weeks that Joe Biden didn’t bring in enough refugees from Afghanistan is definitely in the top ten weirdest moments of August, 2021.

I’ve tried to satirize it a lot (see above for an example), but I honestly really don’t know how to even process it.

Understand: Joe Biden was loading up planes and planes of Afghans, and flying them into America and just releasing them into the wild. While he was doing that, Sean Hannity was going on, night after night, bringing on all of the major figures of conservatism to say that Biden was not bringing in enough Afghans.