Affirmative Action Black Claims “White Supremacist Conspiracy” Against Cuckolding Fetishism for Kids

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2015


Following the Gawker article on Bella and the Bulldogs cuckolding fetishism, an affirmative action political science professor has come out and attacked “White supremacists” for formulating a “conspiracy theory” about the show’s known cuckoldry.

Dr. Jason Johnson, who claims on his website to be employed by a university, basically just re-wrote the Gawker Jew article with a Black angle for the Black publication The Root.

"Dr." Johnson looks like he's about to get involved in whatever the gay version of cucking is.
“Dr.” Johnson looks like he’s about to get involved in whatever the gay version of cucking is. Faggot ass nigga.

Just to give you an idea of the tone, here are the first three paragraphs:

Black folks in America have always had a funny relationship with conspiracy theories. Given the actual lengths and depths to which white racists actually have been willing to go to harm black folks, it makes us particularly susceptible to believing just about anything is possible if the man has it in his mind to cause trouble.

Pop culture has caught up in the last few decades with Chris Rock’s Nat X, Damon Wayans’ playing Oswald Bates on In Living Color, Dave Chapelle’s Conspiracy Brotha and just about anything you see on Hotep Twitter when Scandal is on. But no matter how far down the rabbit hole we go, there is nothing black folks can “conspiracize” as much as white racists who live in a constant state of fear that blacks are taking over and about to mongrelize the world.

That is why you should be watching Bella and the Bulldogs on Nickelodeon, because it’s become ground zero for white conspiracy theories about the eventual Negro takeover of the world. You might need to hold my hand as we walk down this path if 1) you don’t regularly surf or post on white supremacist sites like Stormfront and Stormer and 2) you’re not in the habit of watching teen and kids shows on Nickelodeon.

So, second sentence is promoting the idea that White people “harm Black folks” for no reason.

Then he goes from there to explain that we invented a “theory” about the show’s content (which is, coincidentally, the actual content of the show) in order to hate on the poor widdle innocent colored who dindu nuffin.

This bit is particularly cute:

White racists have always feared that one day, somehow, some way, black folks are finally gonna get angry and seek retribution for all the abuse white supremacy has caused. This is despite the fact that African Americans have never shown a collective interest in getting “revenge” on white folks, no matter how terrible the behavior; just ask those folks in Charleston, S.C.

What are the endless murders then, buddy?

How about the tens of thousands of White women you rape every year?

And hey, what exactly is going on here:



Dumb Black bastard. Just go home! I’ll buy you the ticket! It’s so much better in Africa – no Whites to hurt your feelings, anywhere!


But yes, as I said, Gawker was the breakthrough.

More media exposure of this cuckspiracy surely to come – and they aren’t all going to keep claiming that we have a “theory.”

Because we don’t. All we have done is report on the show’s content and production.

Just the facts.


Okay, technically we have theorized that their reasoning for promoting the content is that they purposefully want to warp the minds of children. That is theoretical. What isn’t theoretical is that they are – for whatever reason – openly promoting race sex cuckoldry and other forms of sexual fetishism to kids.

That is just a fact.

But no, I wouldn’t expect a Black “Professor” to be able to figure out a Jew is lying to them about something right in front of their eyes.

Luckily, most people aren’t as stupid as the Blacks.