Affirmative Action and Its Consequences: Latinx Doctor Removes Man’s Kidney, Believing It a Tumor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2019

Ramon Vazquez

Just imagine if you will a situation in which a white doctor misidentified a kidney as a tumor and removed it from a man’s body.

You can’t imagine it.

Because it is impossible.

It is not impossible that a white man would not know the difference between a tumor and a kidney, of course. I’m sure if you went out on a street and showed random white men pictures of a kidney and a tumor and asked them to say which is which, some would get it wrong.

However, it is impossible that a white man could make it through medical school without knowing this information. The only way a person could make it through medical school without being able to identify the difference between a kidney and a tumor every single time is if he was pushed through school by affirmative action.


A Florida surgeon who cut out a woman’s kidney after mistaking it for a tumor, is to pay a fine of $3,000 and undergo extra training on preoperative patient evaluation. He hadn’t properly read medical records before the operation.

Ramon Vazquez made the blunder during a surgical procedure at the Wellington Regional Medical Center in April 2016. The man was tasked with cutting female patient Maureen Pacheco open so that two other surgeons could perform a back operation on her.

But he noticed an abnormality, which he himself hastily diagnosed as “gynecological malignancy, lymphoma and/or other metastatic disease,” an administrative complaint by the Florida Department of Health reads. Vazquez decided to act on the alleged tumor without informing the patient. As result, the pelvic mass he discovered “was clipped, transected and removed in its entirety.”

But a pathologist at the hospital later made a shocking revelation the removed mass actually “was an intact pelvic kidney.” It turned out that patient Pacheco had a kidney not ascending into her abdomen. Vazquez would’ve known about this if he’d reviewed the patient’s medical records before rushing to use his scalpel, but he neglected to do so.

The Florida Department of Health ruled that the surgeon’s diagnosis was not related to Pacheco’s medical condition and that removing her healthy kidney was therefore “a medically unnecessary procedure.”

It’s all fun and games to give a brown person a fake degree in history, philosophy, women’s studies or whatever other bullshit humanities field. Or even computer science or one of the hard sciences.

But when you start giving these people fake degrees in medicine, you start running into very real problems.

This is going to begin affecting the real world in other ways as well.

In the third world engineers regularly build buildings that just fall down, for example.

There are very real and objectively measurable consequences to this bizarre system of allowing people with brown skin to get credentials without having actually learned what they were supposed to have learned.

Of course, there is no other way to get them through school in any real numbers. You have to set up variant standards for them, or it’s “white supremacy.”

Even anti-racists need to be asking if the dangers involved in this program are actually worth it. Until then, I would advise everyone to avoid any interaction with doctors who are not white.

Note: And that is of course the other thing, which doesn't really matter to me but is true: if it were not for affirmative action, you could expect that any brown person working in any field actually did complete whichever degree they were supposed to have completed through merit. As it is now, you simply do not know if a brown doctor is a real doctor or an affirmative action doctor, and thus all brown doctors must be assumed to be affirmative action doctors.