AfD Says They will Protect the Hitler-Killing Jews That Destroyed Their Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017

Last time I put my faith in a short-haired woman, she bit me.

I like calling Jews “Christ-Killers.” Alternatively though, one can call them “Hitler-Killers.”

(We’ve got a big holiday coming up tomorrow, by the way.)

Can you even begin to imagine Germans wanting to protect Jews?

The Local:

The leader of the far-right AfD has defended her party after several anti-Semitic scandals among its members, saying that in fact they are one of the few forces that will guarantee Jewish life in Germany.

President of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, said last week that the entire Alternative for Germany (AfD) was a “disgrace for Germany” after several incidents in which AfD members seemingly downplayed the Holocaust, sympathized with Nazis, or suggested that the country should feel less guilty about its Nazi past.

“This party cannot have a place in Germany, I hope that it disappears from the political stage soon,” Lauder said in the interview with Die Welt.

In response to Lauder’s statements, AfD leader Frauke Petry told Die Welt in an interview published on Thursday that a Jewish leader such as himself should recognize the AfD’s importance in the country.

“As a Jewish representative, he should above all realize that the AfD is one of the few political guarantors of Jewish life, also in times of illegal, anti-Semitic migration to Germany,” Petry said.

The main incident that Lauder had commented on was when Thuringia AfD branch leader Björn Höcke questioned in January the way Germany reflects on the Nazis, calling the Berlin Holocaust monument a “memorial of shame” and saying that the country should do a “180-degree” turn in how it talks about its history.

Höcke also blasted a former German president who famously called for all Germans to remember the country’s historic responsibility for the Nazis’ atrocities, saying the leader had made a “speech against his own people”.

Petry herself has sought to expel Höcke, and party leaders have launched an “exclusion process” against him. She told Die Welt that she therefore did not understand why Lauder would characterize her entire party by one politician’s statements.

“Since Lauder surely knows about the party’s exclusion process, I do not understand how he can find the AfD jointly liable for these kind of remarks,” Petry stated.

This bitch needs to wise-up and she needs to wise-up quick: there is absolutely no way in hell any political movement can succeed if it involves Jews on any level.

Case in point:

If you’re running a ponzi scheme or a porno company then sure, hire all the Jews you want.

But in a political movement, it simply does not work.

Even Stalin figured that one out.