AfD Refuses to Back Down From Double Scandals (One Black, One Jew)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2018

Germany’s semi-nationalist AfD is a pussy Alt-Lite party, but they seem to actually be getting better with Madam Petry gone. Remember, the reason she was forced to resign is that she allegedly had a plan to appeal to more moderate voters.

They’re not going in that direction.


Regional party leader Björn Höcke will be allowed to remain in the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) despite controversial statements about the Nazi era, media reported Monday.

Höcke, who leads the AfD’s regional branch in the state of Thuringia, was widely criticized last year for calling Berlin’s Holocaust memorial a “monument of shame,” and saying the country should do a “180-degree turn” on how it reflects on its history.

A regional party arbitration panel did not find Höcke’s actions to be damaging to the AfD and verbally agreed to reject a bid to have him removed, Spiegel reported, citing AfD sources. A formal written decision has not been issued, and is not expected until February.

Damn straight it’s not damaging. It’s invigorating. Telling Germans to stop feeling guilty over the Holocaust is the next best thing you can do next to telling them it was a stupid hoax invented by Jews to destroy the country – and you get arrested for doing that.

Moreover, the AfD has not fired the guy who called Boris Becker’s half-nigger son a half-nigger.

Note: He said "hab-neger," which was translated as "half-nigger" by some papers but is being translated in others as "half-negro" - there are language issues here, as in most languages, "negro" is not an offensive term for black people as it sort of maybe is in English (no one really knows). I think he maybe effectively called him "half-black" or "half-African." Still pretty hardcore though. Imagine if Steve King called Tiger Woods "a little half-black."


The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party on Monday formally cautioned one of its lawmakers over a tweet calling former tennis star Boris Becker’s son a “little half-negro”.

A tweet from the account of Jens Maier, a former judge, had attacked Noah Becker for reportedly complaining about being seen as the “eternal son” of his famous father.

“It seems the little half-negro simply got too little attention,” read the tweet posted from the account of Maier, one of more than 90 AfD members elected to parliament last September.

Maier claims he did not write the tweet, which has since been deleted, saying one of his staff had posted it.

In a statement issued on Monday, Maier apologised to Becker for the “lapse” by his employee, who he said no longer worked for him.

“This tweet not only contradicts my style but also does not reflect my ideas. I will ensure that this does not happen again,” he said.

That’s kinda lame, but at least they didn’t throw him under the bus.

Anyway, the Jew issue is much more important in the macro picture here.

Beatrix von Storch, an MP who called Moslems “gang-rapists” on New Year’s, is also not being punished by the party, but that is a little bit different because she’s the party’s deputy leader. Her Twitter account has been reinstated by the way.

In Other German Twitter News

The guy who pushed for the implementation of Twitter censorship (goy frontman for Jews like Anetta Kahane), Heiko Maas, has had one of his tweets deleted. This comes after a satire outlet has its account shut down.

Germany is now saying that one week in, they are going to have to reevaluate the law.


Germany signalled Monday it was open to amending a controversial law combatting online hate speech as the justice minister fell victim to the rules he himself championed.

The move came after Twitter deleted a post by Heiko Maas dating back to 2010 before he was appointed justice minister, in which he called a fellow politician “an idiot.”

The post was deleted after Twitter received several complaints, fueling a simmering row over the new regulation which critics say stifle freedom of speech.

Germany adopted the law, one of the toughest in the world, after a surge in racist and incendiary speech online, particularly after the arrival of more than one million asylum-seekers since 2015.


The country was shocked to find out that an increase in nonwhites increases white racism. The Jews said the opposite thing was supposed to happen.

The legislation, which came into force on Jan. 1, requires social media giants to remove hate speech and other illegal content, or risk fines of up to €50 million ($57 million).

Companies such as Twitter and Facebook have 24 hours to remove posts that openly violate German law after they are flagged by users.

But critics said the law pushes social media companies into taking a pro-active stance in deleting potentially offensive posts, effectively handing them the power of censorship.

Clearly, when you’re hanging a $57 million fine over their heads, they’re going to err on the side of caution. Which means that anyone can mass-report anything and get it deleted.

I wish I could operate in the German language, because I could cause maximum chaos with such a law as this.

Surely, someone from Germany has to be on it…?

All you need is a squad in a chatroom like Discord (or IRC). You just make lists of tweets to report and then you all report them at once. Doing Heiko’s “idiot” post was good – keep going along those lines. But don’t just target the people responsible for the law – yes, I get that this proves a point, but the goal should be chaos. Target any famous people. Celebrities or businesses. Just anything high profile at all. Get as much banned as possible.

A good angle would be to target any minor criticism of mass immigration by cuckservative types.

Just flooding the bitch generally is a good idea. Force Twitter to hire more people by mass-reporting all kinds of things. Each one of these has to be reviewed by someone who understands German, and that is expensive.

Make the program nonviable, to the point where Twitter itself decides to pull-out of Germany. If Merkel starts banning social media like China, that is bound to wake a few people up.