Germany: AfD Protest Clashes with Antifa After Syrian Gang-Rape of German Girl

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

They’re not quite chanting “Juden Raus!” yet, but I’m sure at least half of them are thinking it.

If you think that protesting gang rape wouldn’t be controversial, you must be pretty new the Internet.


Seven Syrians and one German citizen have been arrested; they are suspected of raping an 18-year-old student.

The men have been on the police radar long before the arrest for other alleged wrongdoings, which drew criticism on the authorities.

Up to 2,000 demonstrators flooded the streets of the university city of Freiburg in southern Germany following a gang rape, which was allegedly committed by migrants from Syria as well as one German citizen. The right-wing Alternative for Germany party brought around 500 people to protest the crimes committed by refugees and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policy, repeating demands for stricter migrant control following the arrest of the suspects.

This drew nearly 1,500 counter-protesters, who slammed the AfD for inducing hatred.


So, if the original protesters were protesting against migrant gang-rape, does that mean that the counter-protesters support migrant gang-rape?

It seems that our advocacy for rape legalization has gone mainstream faster than anticipated – and been picked up by feminists themselves.

This anti-AfD rally was marked with violence against the police and protesters, some tweets suggested. According to the Twitter users, who allegedly posted videos of the protests, demonstrators from the left-wing radical group Antifa and others threw bottles and stones.

Unfortunately, they’re protesting for being gang-raped by Arabs.

An arrest warrant had been issued against one of the alleged perpetrators earlier, according to the Interior Ministry. However, it wasn’t moved forward immediately “due to tactical reasons,” a spokesman of the state interior ministry said.

It’s a tactical disagreement, really.

Daily Mail:

‘I hope the demonstrations will be peaceful and will not lead to further violence and hatred,’ Freiburg’s Mayor told DPA news agency. ‘In Freiburg, there is no room for criminals and such terrible crimes.’…

Local newspaper Bild identified the main suspect as 21-year-old Syrian Majd H. and some of his accomplices have been named as 19-year-old Ahmed Al H., 24-year-old Muhammad Al H., and 20-year-old Muhanad M.

Freiburg’s cuck mayor.

According to Bild, Majd H., who is pictured with a machine gun on his social media profile, came to Germany in 2014 and has already had one conviction in the European country that took him in.

Majd H, the chief rapist.

Imagine these two characters meeting face to face.

There is only one thing that is preventing these machine-gun toting Syrian refugees from exterminating this caste of cucks, and it’s these people:

The police.

Whatever happens, the military and police will always be a bunch of young white males with high testosterone, commanded by older white males who used to be this. These are the same people who are being told every day that they are evil and patriarchal, whose wives will leave them, take their houses and their money and teach their daughters to go to night clubs and have sex with Syrian refugees.

If the system breaks down, these will be the only people that matter, because these will be the people who are organized and who have guns in their hands – and they will have to decide how they feel about a system that openly hates them.

If you can get into politics and win, you should do that. However, if you have other talents, I strongly encourage you to join the police or military, and try to get as high up as possible in the chain of command.

Don’t fight the system. Become the system.