AfD Plans to Ban Minarets, Muezzin Calls, Inhumane Slaughter of Animals and Genital Mutilation of Children

Diversity Macht Frei
March 13, 2016


The AfD apparently want to restrict the religious practices of Muslims and Jews in Germany in several respects.

The “Bild” newspaper quotes from the party’s draft programme, according to which the ritual circumsision of boys practised by both religious communities should also be prohibited due to “grave human rights violations” along with the unstunned slaughter of animals that is usual in both Judaism and Islam. The party progamme is to be agreed at a party meeting in Stuttgart on 30 April.

Religious circumcision infringes human dignity and disregards the fundamental rights of the boys concerned to bodily self-definition and unimpairment, the newspaper cites from the draft programme. As “Bild” reports further on, in its 72-page long programme, the party also rejects minarets as “symbol of Islamic supremacy” along with the calls of the muezzin. These “contradict the tolerant co-existence of religions” which “the modern Christian churches” practise.