AfD Plan to Help German Mother’s Branded Racist by All Parties

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2016

There’s nothing more racist than encouraging the birth of White babies.

After all, there are plenty of Moslems that can have babies, and we need to focus on how to get them to have more.

Steffen Königer, a conservative politician of the new Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, last known for his viral video where he mocked a LGBTTQQ Green Party proposal by greeting them in 60 different genders, has read the “Babies Welcome” proposal of the party in the Landtag Parliament of Brandenburg and met heavy resistance from all parties who unanimously rejected the proposal as “racist”.

Germany is plagued by the lowest birth rate in the world with a quarter of German women staying childless their entire lives. The current solution of establishment parties is to import millions of male Muslim migrants to “solve the demographic crisis”. The AfD seeks a different approach and intends to give 10,000€ in an interest-free loan to every young German couple who decides to have a child in order to increase the German birth rate.

After the second child, the parents only have to repay half, after the 3rd child they don’t have to repay anything of the total of 30,000€. Currently there are no real financial incentives to have a family, unless you’re a foreigner and unemployed.

Every single party, of whom all spokeswomen were notably female, rejected the proposal as “racist”, “völkisch” (loving your own people), and “xenophobic” because a requirement is to actually live in the state and have German citizenship for at least 8 years.

The Christian Democratic Union said it was “populist”, the Social Democrats said it was racist because it didn’t include “all families”, the Left Party (formerly Communist party) said it was misogynistic, racist that all children are equal and “Bio-Germans” (sic!) are no more desirable than any other child. The Green party called it the new Hitler program and stressed that single mothers, minorities, LGBT and poor families are the ones who need true support, not the antiquated traditional families.

The representative for independent voters also called the program deeply xenophobic and racist.

Königer’s rebuttal was that the establishment parties are the ones that are truly discriminating. They are more than willing to pay 3500€ every single month for every single unaccompanied refugee minor but unwilling to pay 10,000€ to support German families to raise a child. The billions that are wasted to deliberately replace the German people should rather be spent on avoiding its demise, so he says.