AfD Member Attacked for Posting Pro-Hitler Memes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2017


I told you that a bunch of people in AfD are a lot more hardcore than they claim publicly.


An Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary hopeful has shared a photo of Hitler with the words “Missed since 1945.” The scandal comes days after another senior member called Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial “a monument of shame.”

Elena Roon, a chairwoman and a parliamentary candidate in the Nuremberg area, shared the image of Adolf Hitler among fellow members in a closed WhatsApp group, local media reported.

The photo came alongside the captions: “Missed since 1945 … Adolf, please get in touch! Germany needs you! The German people!” In another photo of the Fuhrer sent by Roon on the messenger, Hitler is portrayed ruffling his hair, saying “Islamists… I forgot them!”

Roon, a Russian-German, is known as a founder of ‘Sichere Heimat’ (Safe homeland) – a local far-right activist group campaigning against refugees. Last December, she also became chairwoman of AfD’s district association in southern Nuremberg, according to Spiegel.

Though she did not deny sending the images, Roon told Merkur newspaper that she distances herself from “right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism.” She also protested that “in no way” did she want Hitler to come back, arguing: “Whoever wishes to draw the conclusion that I condone what it says in the images is twisting the truth round completely.”

It was not immediately clear how the controversial messages came to light, but the AfD leadership has already launched internal investigation, fearing that the scandal would bring the anti-immigration party into disrepute.

That is exactly how you don’t want to handle a situation like this.

The best answer – aside from just outright defending Hitler as what he was, a hero – would be to call it a joke and mock people who are whining about it as oversensitive and petty.

I mean, I get that Germany has laws about this stuff, but she already got caught posting it. So whatever legal stuff is going to happen is going to happen with or without a groveling apology.

I don’t know why people haven’t learned this stuff yet. It’s just a demonstrated fact. Backing down off of anything always makes you look both weak and dishonest, neither or which are popular images for anyone.