AfD Leader Interviewed by Hostile Jewess

Diversity Macht Frei
June 22, 2018

Here, in microcosm, we see the conflict between European existence and Semitism. The Deputy Leader of German’s far-lite AfD party is interviewed on Newsnight (sometimes called Jewsnight) by hostile Jewess Emily Maitlis. Von Storch is obviously taken aback by the interviewer’s harsh bias against her. As a foreigner, it is very unlikely she would know that Maitlis was Jewish, and so could not have been forearmed against the ethnic bias she was likely to encounter.

Maitlis pitches in with one attack question after another. A simple policy of expelling failed asylum seekers is cast in a sinister light. Maitlis injects Islam and race into the discussion for no apparent reason. She mistranslates the AfD’s statement “Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland” as “Islam doesn’t belong in Germany”. This phrase, whose meaning is peculiarly difficult to translate into English, is more like: “Islam does not form part of German tradition”.

She then raises the AfD’s campaign posters that showed a pregnant woman, as if it was some reproach that the woman was white, even though the AfD said nothing specifically about her being white.

“New Germans?” We’ll make them ourselves

In the end, von Storch has to ask Maitlis to stop shouting at her and try and act with some degree of professional decorum. This is what it means to have a hostile elite in charge of our broadcast media.

For more on the BBC’s systematic bias against our continued existence, see below.