AfD is Polling Well, But What Difference Does That Actually Make?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2019

Obviously, everyone should vote for AfD.


The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has received a groundswell of support in Eastern Germany, leading in polls just weeks before regional elections in three states. Support for major parties is at a historic low.

In an outcome sure to unnerve Germany’s more conventional politicians, a series of polls conducted in June and July has demonstrated that the anti-establishment force has moved to the fore in the former Eastern Bloc territory, where they enjoy steady public backing – all ahead of the crucial regional elections, two of which are scheduled in about a month’s time.

By contrast, the heavyweights of German politics – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their coalition partners in the Social Democratic Party (SPD) – are facing what might be called a near collapse of popular support in the same eastern regions. In the latest poll conducted by the Emnid Institute, AfD picked up 23 percent of the vote in the five East German states, narrowly beating out the CDU, which received 22 percent.

All other political forces are lagging: the Left Party (Die Linke) took third place with 14 percent backing, while the Greens nipped at their heels just one percentage point behind. Meanwhile, the Social Democrats, once considered one of Germany’s “people’s parties” – or factions enjoying the broadest public support – have dropped to fifth place in the East, earning a mere 11 percent of the vote.

It’s a good sign.

Of course it is.

But what exactly are the options for fixing any of these problems we have?

A sort of milquetoast libertarian anti-immigrant party getting 23% of the vote doesn’t really do very much to fundamentally change anything. Theoretically, it could be a start to build something more, but the fact is, as long as there are Jews in a country, and there isn’t someone actively saying “we have to stop these Jews,” everyone loses in the end. And usually sooner rather than later.

If you just look at the horrible disaster that is the Tommy Robinson movement, where this guy was given all of this money to make a documentary to save Britain from rape gangs and instead he decided to make a movie about how the real victims of Islamic immigration are the Jews, you can see a kind of cartoonish version of how this all works.

The entire Donald Trump situation is yet another painful example of this process of having all of your goals inverted by these sickening demons.

The AfD is not anti-Jewish. At least they are not openly. Maybe it’s just because that’s illegal in Germany. But it doesn’t really matter why. What matters is that you simply cannot have these people, and the single priority has to be getting rid of them. There is no other issue. Everything else can be solved in a matter of a week if we can deal with these Jews, but everyone thinks they can sneak around them, and they cannot.

They have to be confronted directly. There is no other option. And probably, they need to simply be exterminated wholesale. At the very least, they need to be rounded up and expelled, and trapped somewhere they cannot escape from and cannot cause problems for the world.

I don’t mean to be cliche, but the only solution is a second Hitler.

We need a mass phenomenon of extreme and widespread anti-Jewish sentiment. Until they are named as the singular enemy not only of the White race, but of all living beings on earth, there is no way anything can ever end well.