AfD Attacks Jew Wench, Calls for Her “Anti-Racist” Group to be Shut Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2016


This Kahane bitch is horrible. Her organization, funded by the government, persecutes and imprisons people who question immigration on the internet.

Good to see Beatrix laying the smack down.

Fox News:

A leading member of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany has launched an attack on a prominent Jewish activist, calling for the anti-racism organization she heads to be shut down.

European lawmaker Beatrix von Storch lashed out Wednesday at a brochure produced by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation that described her party, known by its acronym AfD, as far-right and populist.

Von Storch, the granddaughter of Nazi Germany’s finance minister, called for the “plug to be pulled” on the foundation.

She also described its founder, Anetta Kahane, as a “Stasi-aunt” — a reference to Kahane’s past as one of 200,000 unpaid informants of East Germany’s secret police in 1974-1982.

Funny the media is drawing attention to Kahane’s Jewishness like “oh, the poor victim,” when in fact people are more likely to say “hey yeah, why is this Stasi Jew running a program to round people up and put them in prison for questioning on the internet a migration policy that is due to lead to the destruction of Germany? Could this be what that Hitler guy was talking about?”

Here’s a clip from 2010 of her demanding exactly what we’re seeing now.

Compare it to the words of Barbara Spectre, another stupid Jew bitch (albeit one with less state backing than Kahane).

You might also compare it with the words of German-Jewish politician Gregor Gysi.

It is just a very plain fact that these people are openly attempting to exterminate us.