Advice for Men: When to Intervene if a Man is Beating His Wife or Girlfriend?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2017

As the reader is aware, I have some pretty strict views on gender relations.

Often, the question comes up: what do I do if I see a man beating his wife/girlfriend in a public place?

It’s definitely a difficult question. Generally – just as a general answer – I would say “it’s none of your business, so just stay away.”

But in reality, it is something that every man who finds himself in the situation of seeing a woman getting beaten by a man in public must make his own decision about. It can be an extremely emotional thing for a man, to witness such a thing.

It can be really, really difficult for a man to just stand by while another man is beating up on a woman.

And I must admit: there are some extreme situations where it clearly is appropriate for a stranger to get involved.

I will just give this little piece of advice: if you do decide to physically intervene in a public scene of a man beating his wife or girlfriend, just be certain only to punch her in the stomach and torso, as her man probably wants to keep her face looking clean so that people at her work don’t ask questions.

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