Adventures of Joe Biden: Joe Biden and the Forgotten Mask

In the latest “Adventures of Joe Biden,” he gave a speech about the necessity of wearing masks, then left the stage to go talk to his friends and forgot his mask.

This video will probably be deleted by the time you read this, because about 85% of all video of Joe Biden is being marked as misinformation.

In another recent adventure, he forgot the names of everyone and began talking to himself, asking “what am I doing here?”

Joe recently canceled Dr. Seuss.

I read that and thought “they probably didn’t want people noticing that Joe Biden reminds them of a character from Dr. Seuss.”

Every time I see this stuff, I hope the people running this circus show are at least having fun. Pulling off stealing that election with an utterly senile old man running against the most popular president in American history is sort of the funniest thing that has ever happened. In a tragic way, of course. But you have to acknowledge: there is a brilliance to this.

In the Mirror Universe, there is an evil, non-Nazi version of Andrew Anglin who is responsible for getting the entire Western world to believe in the stupidest possible imaginable nonsense and laughing about it.

He has better hookers than I do, and expensive designer clothes, and gets invited to all the fancy parties.

But honestly, I doubt he’s in as good of physical shape as me.

And I like being the good guy, despite everything.