Adultery Website Ashley Madison: Every. Damn. Time.

Morgoth’s Review
August 22, 2015

Noel Biderman
Noel Biderman, CEO of the Ashley Madison adultery site

A few years back I get came across an article in the Daily Telegraph on a new dating site, this dating site had a twist, it was only to be used by married people who wanted to cheat on their spouses. It was designed to make secrecy and deceit easier, to make the act of having sex behind your loved one’s back more accessible, more morally negligible and harder to trace than ever before. As I browsed the article and took on board the implications of such a site , before I had seen a name or a picture, I knew, or I was pretty sure, that a Jewish person had invented this poison, and that a Jew was now making a mountain of cash from it.

And I was right.

Noel Biderman, it turned out, is a Jew. How was that possible?

The easy reply would be that I’m a raging Anti Semite and see crazy Jewish Conspiracies everywhere, I blame them for everything etc.

Well, if I saw another article in the Daily Telegraph on that same day and the headline was ” 20 Dead In Suicide Bombing” I would assume that a Muslim had done it, I could not be 100% sure, but it would be more than likely. Another article might read ”Woman raped and stabbed by street gang” on this occasion I would assume that blacks were involved and I would probably be correct then too. Lets try another, a headline which read ”Foreign Aid Workers raped and murdered in Africa” obviously the perpetrators would be black, but I could be pretty sure that the victims would be white women, indeed, they would be middle class white women and their politics would be ”Liberal” or ”Left Wing”.

Stereotypes work.

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Your brain recognizes a pattern or trend and then analyses the constituent components of that trend. Political Correctness, which was also invented by Noel’s ethnic group, erects an electric fence around the parts of your mind trying to point out the traits of other ethnic groups. Noel Biderman is a Jew who is making millions off the misery of others, he is undermining the foundations of society, usually this is just western society but in Biderman’s case it is the whole world! But nevertheless, for this stereotype to hold true and for me to be able to correctly guess at the ethnicity of a person who is making millions off an infidelity site, Jews would already have to be deeply involved with feminism, gay rights, porn and any other areas which undermine traditional relationships and society. All of which can be easily proven to be the case.

Another typically Jewish stereotype, or as they would have it, ”Anti Semitic Canard/trope” which is literally thousands of years old, is Jews making profit from misery. And here again Biderman does not let us down, in an interview with the Evening Standard Biderman said :

“Controversy is just society reshaping its values,” he says with a shrug. “I’m not an elected politician. I’m a businessman — and if there’s a business opportunity that’s legal, I’m prepared to pursue it.”

Actually Noel is, surprise, surprise, not being entirely truthful here, in response to the banning of his site in Singapore:

“It’s not too conservative, it’s not too challenging. I think this is an anomaly. We have had success in Japan and Hong Kong. We will have success in Taiwan and Korea. We will find a way to bring this to the Philippines and Thailand. And ultimately, I genuinely believe Ashley Madison will be available to anyone in Singapore who wants to access it. I really believe that.”


Ashley Madison is in this sense “the ultimate capitalist business,” he explains, operating on the very edge of what’s acceptable in a market economy. “Traditional businesses are slow to react to controversy. I make a profit from it.”

According Biderman humans are not hardwired toward monogamy:

“There’s no biologist who will say we’re engineered for monogamy. After six months into a relationship, sexual attraction begins to decline. After 22 years, it’s virtually non-existent. But we don’t have the courage to say, ‘I think monogamy is really holding us back, we could have a much better marriage if we allowed each other to have sex with other people’.


In the case of Sub-Saharan Africans, and arguably his own people, this is true. But for East Asians and Europeans monogamy is a biological trait because evolving in cold climes means partnership and co-operation in child rearing. Obviously, Biderman or any advocate of Liberalism will say ”But nobody is forcing your wife to cheat” and this is true, but as noted above, when the world is flooded with porn and feminism, toxic Leftist ideals of monogamy being oppressive and the destruction of traditional marriage via raising homosexuality to its equal, all of which have been promoted by Biderman’s people in politics and media, then the ”free will” argument is somewhat less deserving of respect.

Of course, Biderman is happily married and does not intend to break his wife’s heart as he encourages other men to do:

”If you have children that you love and a home that you built together and a future that you planned — why would you give that up just for sex?”

In the equally Jewish dominated areas of race and immigration and national identity the meme to describe Jewish hypocrisy goes:

”Nationalism for me but not for thee”

In the realms of dating and cheating and undermining traditional relationships it could go:

”Secure family and life long love for me, isolation, broken homes, broken hearts and STD’s for thee”