ADL Teams Up With Social Media Giants to End Free Speech Forever

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech monopolies are planning to give the Anti-Defamation League total control over what kind of political opinions their billions of users can and cannot express. The “final solution” to the free speech “problem” will be designed in a laboratory called “Solutions Lab,” where new technology to stop dissident opinions before any Goyim see it will be developed under the ADL’s supervision.

If you’re a nationalist that means no more discussion on Holocaust plot holes, no longer being able to name the people in the media/finance/billionaires, immediate bans for criticizing immigration and an end to all scientific debate about race and culture.

But leftists aren’t safe either. If you’re a principled leftist who opposes Israel, the ADL will make sure you can never boycott the Zionist entity, critique neo-con foreign policy, or talk about the war crimes committed against Palestinians on a daily basis.

The end to free speech on the internet (after the hamfisted and brazen test case against The Daily Stormer) is now officially under construction!


Some of the biggest names in tech are partnering with the Anti-Defamation League to thwart online harassment.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft, among others, are joining with the ADL to form a Cyberhate Problem-Solving Lab, the companies and the civil rights group said Tuesday. They’ll exchange ideas and develop strategies to try to curb hate speech and abuse on the companies’ various platforms and across the internet.

“These companies have an added responsibility to do everything within their power to stop hate from flourishing on their watch,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. “We look forward to tackling this pressing challenge together.”

The cyberhate lab comes about seven months after the ADL said it was building a command center in Silicon Valley. And as online harassment continues to grow, tech giants including Facebook and Twitter have been ramping up their own efforts in response to trolling.

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy, said in a statement that “some of the best minds in engineering will work alongside the ADL to help us rise to the occasion.”

Twitter has said its efforts to fight harassment are improving in part because of work with groups like the ADL to identify abusive behavior and help people more easily report it.

“We believe meaningful progress in safety measures and policies can best be informed in partnership with others, so we’ll continue to collaborate with leading advocacy organizations, like ADL, to work towards solutions,” Colin Crowell, Twitter’s head of public policy and philanthropy, said in a statement.

Microsoft declined to comment. Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Even Jews admit the Alt-Right’s internet presence helped propel Donald Trump to victory. The overwhelming majority of influential Jews on the “left” and the “right” conspired to get Hillary Clinton elected, but this failed due to the work of internet activists neutralizing them. This has never happened before in the modern era: Judah was caught with its pants down.

For many Jews, having their baseless, anti-human Jewish ideas being discredited as Jew bullshit was a brand new experience. This is the only monster that disappears when you say its name!

This is precisely why the ADL is mounting this challenge against our human right to free speech and rights as American citizens. The anthropomorphic earthworm Jonathan Greenblatt is not a congressman, a cleric, a king or the president, yet he and the Jews of Silicon Valley are being relentless in their offensive – and nobody has the guts to say “NO!”

Nobody has the honor or principles to stand up to the Jews other than the Alt Right and its battle shield.

Whether you’re left or right, if you want to protect the right to read, say and think what you want, you have no choice but to join us and make your voice heard.

We will resist Jewish tyranny until the final victory!