Adele’s Weight Loss and the Coming End to All This Stupid Bullshit

The singer Adele has lost weight, and the lunatic feminist and Jewish commentariat doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Adele is famous for such songs as… the one that says “I’m in California dreaming of who we used to be” that has been stuck in your head at least 7000 times if you’re the kind of person who visits normie coffee shops. (These studio-produced singles are literally created using scientific methods to figure out what will get stuck in your head.) But she was perhaps more famous for being a fat slob.

People who live in reality understand that being fat is extremely unhealthy. People understand that fundamentally, as you can simply look at these people, and see the trouble they have moving, the strained breathing, the tiredness. You can also usually smell them, given that someone who is obese as Adele was oozes vile hormones from her pores. So the natural reaction to someone losing weight is to say “great job, you must feel so much better.” Especially with a woman, but with a man as well, there is also the immediate reaction of “you look so much better.” Because everyone knows that it is just a biological fact that fat people are visually unattractive, and actually repulsive.

Adele does in fact look great, and I’m proud of her for losing this weight. She has added at least a decade onto her life expectancy, and she can also now be a much better role model for young girls.

I was opposed to her being promoted in the media, due to her weight, primarily because it was sending the message to young girls that it is okay to be a gross pig. I don’t think that was ever her personal goal, but it was a de facto reality of making a fat woman a celebrity. And the lunatic Jews and feminists in the media played this up, claiming that she was “healthy and beautiful,” despite the fact that everyone knows both those things are patently untrue.

This could be a happy story if Adele came out now and explained that even after the weight loss, she will suffer for the rest of her life for the choices she made to not control her diet and to not exercise during her 20s. Most of those problems will be internal, but some of these problems are visible.

In this photograph, you can see that her breasts are like tube socks, given that they have so much extra skin:

A human losing as much weight as Adele lost is a bit like popping a zit. Her stomach is I’m sure an absolute disaster.

People should know that it isn’t as simple as just going to a £295 an hour hypnotherapist and dropping the pounds. Regardless of how she chooses to publicly address the issue, it’s a positive development for all of society that she’s made this decision.

The Jewish and feminist media however do not think so. These people are actually complaining that she lost weight, and attacking her for it. They are saying that to give her compliments for what I’m sure was a Herculean task is “fatphobia.” Because by saying it is a good thing that she lost weight, that she is now 1000x more attractive and 1000x more healthy, you are acknowledging that being fat is unhealthy and unattractive, and that is an act of pure hatred for the circumference of the waist.

The claim is that Adele is a woman, so she’s allowed to do whatever she wants, and maybe she wanted to lose the weight, but we shouldn’t acknowledge that she lost the weight.

The Independent, which has become a Buzzfeed-tier joke paper, has published a piece claiming that no one has a right to encourage people to lose weight. The article highlights a number of tweets which communicate this idea. These tweets are probably more useful than pro-fat articles themselves, which use bizarre, confusing and contradictory language, in order to send a message that cannot be stated in straightforward language without sounding insane.

The tweets are the unfiltered ideas of the kinds of people who digest the messages of the media and adopt them as their own beliefs, and aren’t worried about sounding insane because they think this is acceptable because the media said it was.

I am feeling extremely smug right now, reading these kinds of lunatic social justice messages, because I know that this program has reached the end of the line. The fact that the people don’t know it’s reached the end of the line, because they are stupid or in denial about what has happened to the world as a result of this lockdown, bolsters my smugness by orders of magnitude.

We are entering into a situation where people are going to be worried about where their next meal is coming from. They are going to be worried about how they are going to remain in their homes. They are going to be worried about getting the most basic medical care.

In fact, that world is already here. People are locked in their houses, with all of their entertainment media and consumer products, and the government has thus far kept things afloat by keeping the grocery stores open, sending people unemployment checks and telling landlords not to evict. But the meat shortages are here. The mass layoffs are here. This stuff is going to soon be felt by everyone, whether we’re locked in our houses or not, and it will shortly set in that nothing is ever going back to normal.

“Fatphobia” is a luxury problem, just like transphobia, homophobia and racism. These are problems that people invent when they don’t have any other problems. When reality hits, all of this is going to disappear, like Thanos had snapped his fingers.

This is obvious. And it is hilarious. Seeing all of these horrible social justice people realize that their entire world has collapsed, and that nothing they cared about matters anymore, seeing them realize that it was all just vapid nonsense that could only be possible in the most materially abundant society in all of human history, is going to be glorious.

I simply cannot wait to see their tweets and their videos as they transition from being worried about invisible Nazis hiding under their beds to realizing that they don’t have any food and they’re getting thrown out of their apartments. It will be especially satisfying to see them make claims about racism and transphobia and fatphobia and everything else, demanding that people rush to meet their needs like they always did before, and then realize that no one is coming to pamper them.

There are going to be a lot of suicides. Each one will be like an angel kissing my forehead.

Others will die due to the collapse of the healthcare system. We’re going to end up with a fully socialized medicine system, where the government just pays for everything, and they’re not going to pay for tranny care. Basic healthcare will be difficult to get, and many fat people with chronic problems will die.

The chickens are coming home to roost with bombs strapped to their chests and the primary casualties are going to be the lunatics who created this situation in the first place. The people who cheered the government shutting the entire society because they were afraid of the flu.

Nothing will stop me from savoring all of this, and I do hope that you get to savor it too.

But we must remember that hell is coming down on our heads as well.

Our Problems Were Also Luxury Problems

We are obviously better prepared for it than people who talk about fatphobia, but we have to acknowledge: our problems were luxury problems as well.

Our issues were more relevant, as they pointed to a future disaster. That disaster is now here. It might not have been immigration or homosexuality or fat people that caused it, but it was the kind of society that allows for this sort of thinking that caused it.

When you have a society that believes in things like “fatphobia,” you have a society that is so divorced from basic reality that it is only a matter of time before the whole thing pops, and all of the imaginary problems, the imaginary people who prized these problems, spit out like pus from a zit. The same people that believe in fatphobia are the people who believe the flu is a reason to shut down the entire economy. They are so far separated from real life problems that they can’t even fathom that real life problems could ever exist, and so they do not make decisions based on the fact that those decisions could cause a disaster that would cause them to lose everything they care about.

We failed to stop these people, to cut this kind of insanity out of the popular mind, and the disaster happened.

We need to recalibrate ourselves and our own political movement to address this new situation we find ourselves in, and we need to do it quickly.