Additional Charge Added to Case of Black Rapist Pastor

December 23, 2013

Gregory Hawkins
Gregory Hawkins now has 7 charges of child sex abuse against him. The 15 year old victim is pregnant with his child.

An additional charge was added to a Tulsa pastor’s case this week accused of sexually abusing a minor.

Court records indicate that Gregory Hawkins appeared before a Tulsa judge Monday. At the hearing the judge granted the prosecution’s request to add the additional child sex abuse charge.

Hawkins’ now faces a total of seven child sex abuse charges in his case. He has previously plead not guilty.

Previous reports from KTUL state that a 15-year-old female victim told officers Hawkins had been having sex with her and that at the time she was five months pregnant with his child.

She also gave police two recorded phone calls between her and Hawkins, according to the police report, in which he told her how sorry he was and that she was, “very sexy, attractive and beautiful.”

Hawkins is due to appear for his arraignment Thursday morning.