Adding Lithium to Tap Water to Lower Suicide Rates May be a Good Idea, Researchers Say

The overlords want humans to experience and do things that make humans want to commit suicide, but without committing suicide, so the possibility of adding anti-suicide substances to the water supply of their hellish cities sounds like something they’ll love to hear about.

Study Finds:

Lithium doesn’t sound like something you’d want to consume, but it’s actually more common in food than you’d think. Moreover, the chemical is proven in helping patients dealing with mental health conditions. Now, a new study finds higher levels of the naturally occurring substance in drinking water show ties to lowering the global suicide rate.

Lithium is a common treatment for mood disorders. It’s particularly useful when treating manic and depressive episodes of bipolar disorder. It’s also naturally found in sources like vegetables, grains, spices, and drinking water.

It is promising that higher levels of trace lithium in drinking water may exert an anti-suicidal effect and have the potential to improve community mental health,” Anjum Memon of Brighton and Sussex Medical School says in a release. “The prevalence of mental health conditions and national suicide rates are increasing in many countries. Worldwide, over 800,000 people die by suicide every year, and suicide is the leading cause of death among persons aged 15-24 years.”

In the study, researchers review previous work on lithium levels in water and mental health. These studies include 1,286 regions within Austria, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, the U.K. and United States. The results find regions with higher amounts of lithium in their public drinking water have lower suicide rates.

You are a brutal overlord and young people are increasingly killing themselves in your dominion.


  1. Try to figure out a way to hack their brains so they stop killing themselves
  2. Try to figure out the reasons why they’re killing themselves in the first place, then try to fix the reasons

Considering the existence of psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, it is easy to see that the overlords have chosen Option 1.

With all of the problems that the lockdown and social isolation are causing to people, the government may soon announce that lithium will join fluoride in the list of weird substances added to the water in the name of public health.