Adam Schiff Whines “Another Shoah” After Trump Meantweets Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2020

The yids are flipping their lids over the latest tweet from game show host turned US President Donald Trump!

Adam Schiff, a shifty Jew rat, says that this is a “threat”!

He went on Meet the Press and whined like it was another Shoah!

I guess it does kind of read like a threat though, to be fair.

But who cares!

By the way, Adam Schiff obviously believes he is some kind of a “Pinball Wizard.”

You can see it from the way he moves around all weirdly.

It’s outrageous.

By the way, some boomers – who appear to probably be Jewish, but that isn’t really relevant because so many non-Jew boomers are supporting the sentiment – heckled Schiff the other day and told him to “move to Venezuela.”

Guess what?

He doesn’t have to move to a third world shithole because his “ideology” is “socialism.”

He has a nice first world ethnostate in the Middle East he can move to. A country where they accept everyone of his race, regardless of their ideology.

If we had that doctrine, instead of “we accept everyone of some vague democracy ideology, regardless of their race,” we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Watching these two monstrous Jews up there trying to impeach our blond president is like something out of the Twilight Zone.

I don’t even care what Trump has – or more importantly, hasn’t – done. He is a human being and does not deserve to be subjected to these Jews. If he is going to be judged, it should be by other European Christians.