Ad Council Watch: Vaxx the Blaxx – Bio War Now!

The Ad Council is a US government funded propaganda agency.

I’m not classifying “propaganda” in the negative sense that leftists used the term in the 1990s, but in the literal, intended sense of the word: government information produced to propagate the government’s agenda. I do think everything that the Ad Council promotes in the current year is negative, and would fit the 1990s leftist use of the term, but the distinction should be made, given that it isn’t reasonable to expect the government not to promote any agenda at all. The question should be what agenda the government is promoting.

Currently, they are promoting an agenda to vaxx the heck out of everyone in the country.

I have been watching the Ad Council’s YouTube channel, and everything on it is about the vaxx.

On April 27, they posted a video showing black women shilling the vaxx.

At time of writing, fewer than 2,000 people have watched the video.

It is not worth watching, but it is worth commenting on: the government is using black women as plague-spreaders in the black community to enforce Vaxx Law. The government understands that in the black community, women have 100% of the power, so they have gone to them and convinced them that if they are good blacks, worthy of a pat on the head from Big Man Joe Biden, they will get vaxxed to heck.

For those who might not know, the US government actually experimented on black people, injecting them with syphilis in something called “The¬†Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.”

Started in 1932, the study lasted until 1972. That is only 49 years ago that it ended. What’s more, the reason it ended is that it was leaked to the press.

You might not know about that study, but trust me – all black people know about it.

What exactly has changed since 1972? If anything, according to the speech of the blacks that I hear, they believe the government is more against them now than ever before in history.

So why on earth would blacks trust this experimental vaccine?

Why would anyone trust the vaccine? If the government was experimenting on blacks on record up into the 1970s, why would they not experiment on whites now? We are lower now, according to the government, than the blacks ever were at any time in history.

What thing in the government changed between 1972 and now? Are we actually supposed to believe the government is more moral now than it was when Richard Nixon was president?

Here is a little slice of life from 1973: Billy Graham on the Johnny Carson Show.

Claiming that America is now a more moral country which would never experiment on people is totally insane, and based on nothing.

Watching these horrible black women praise the vaxx, you really do wonder what is going on:

  • Are blacks desperately seeking white approval as a way to prove their worth, or
  • Are blacks so stupid that they can just be convinced of anything?

I do not know the answer to that question. It is probably a little bit of both.

(I also just have to note: I’m called the “racist,” as I’m sitting here saying “don’t take that vaxx, you dumb black bastard!” Meanwhile, Joe Biden is vaxxin’ blacks left and right, and he’s a hero. I’ve never poisoned a black person with an experimental gene therapy in my life. Black people are stupid.)

One of the black vaxxer women says that 54% of the blacks had been vaxxed at the time of the recording at the end of April, compared to 60% of the general population.

A YouGov poll conducted between May 1 and 4 showed that blacks are getting vaxxed. This had 56% of blacks having received at least one shot of the deadly vaccine.

In fact, according to that poll, there are fewer black anti-vaxxers than whites, with the overall black rate of saying they will never get vaxxed being 14% – which is the same as white women who have been to college. College-graduated white women are the single most vaxxed-out group in America.

Anyone who gets vaxxed is pretty much lost forever, in my view. They are not only poisoned with whatever is in this substance, but they have also submitted to this evil system of lies. They have submitted their bodies and souls to a lie, which is the claim that there is a new deadly virus. No evidence exists of a new deadly virus, and agreeing to inject an experimental substance into your body based on this false claim of a deadly virus existing is the ultimate surrender to a system of lies.

It’s not a bad thing to shed 90% of the white race. So many of these people are hopeless. It’s fine by me to clear them out, and to draw a line around those of us who refuse this system.

I suspect most blacks will get vaxxed, because it’s a total female-dominated culture, and these women are going to be persuasive. The female-dominated nature of the blacks is truly why their community is such a problem. (If you look at Africa: sure, they have low IQs, but they are not savage like the overwhelming majority of the American blacks.)

In a bizarre segment from April, CNN went to Oklahoma and went to a diner, sending a reporter to stand up at the front of the diner and ask if anyone was willing to be vaxxed. No one in the diner supported the vaxx.

The reporter went around Oklahoma, and only found one man who had been vaxxed. His reason? His wife made him do it.

It’s very similar to a story in the Bible, isn’t it?

Snake: “Eat this poison crap and give it also to the man who takes care of you, you retarded ass bitch.”

Woman: “Durrrr. Okey.”

People need to harden themselves, because the government is not going to stop pushing this. It’s not going to get any easier from here on out. Or rather – it’s going to get a lot harder before it gets easier.

It will get better on some sunny Sunday morning.