Actual Dragon Fossil Found

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2017

I have told you before that I believe in things that I dare not speak of on this site.

Or at least, things that I dare not make an issue of on any sort of a regular basis.

But, as we are presently faced with proof of one such thing, I will tell you one such thing: I believe that an age of dragons once existed. I believe they were conscious beings, as are portrayed in the books of Tolkien, who existed as a challenge to men, as the Jew presently exists as a challenge to men.

An actual dragon has now been found, looking just as it is portrayed in the images of men who channel this age. But they are calling it a dinosaur.

This is one of the most fantastic discoveries ever made, and yet, we are told it is another dinosaur.

Dinosaurs themselves, by the way, have never been fully explained, in any sort of meaningful way.

And perhaps that is worth reflecting on.

The National Geographic is claiming that it looked like this:

However, they are admitting they have no evidence to support that theory, as allegedly, only the head and shoulders of the creature have been found.

Note that it was found in 2011, and is just now being unveiled.

They are also claiming it is 110 million years old, even while we know that fossils are pretty well impossible to date.

You can read the full National Geographic article.

And make up your own mind.


A newly unveiled 110 million-year-old fossil, described as “the best preserved armored dinosaur ever found,” is providing researchers with invaluable information about the recently discovered species.

The ancient fossil was accidentally discovered by machine operator Shawn Funk at a mine near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, in 2011.

Further investigation revealed that the extraordinary fossil was a newfound species of plant-eating ‘nodosaur.’ The beast was so remarkably well preserved because its remains ended up in a river, possibly swept up by a flood, shortly after it died.

Its carcass was then carried out to sea where it sank to the ocean floor, becoming enveloped in mud which both preserved and petrified the nodosaur’s remains, giving the fossil the appearance of a sleeping dragon.

Usually just a dinosaur’s bones and teeth survive long enough to be fossilized, however, in this case because of its quick burial, intricate details of the nodosaur’s scale armor were preserved. The fossil has revealed valuable details to researchers about the makeup of the animal’s armor.

“We don’t just have a skeleton… we have a dinosaur as it would have been,” postdoctoral researcher Caleb Brown told National Geographic of the extraordinary find.

For researchers, finding the fossil was like winning the lottery. Jakob Vinther, a Paleobiologist from University of Bristol, said that it’s so well preserved it “might have been walking around a couple of weeks ago…I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Is there an effort by certain elements of society to confuse the fact that Atlantis existed, and before that, and age of giant intelligent lizards who terrorized mankind?

Is there an effort to bury evidence which would lead people to believe that the white race has been on this earth for millions of years, and once fought dragons?

I have absolutely no idea.

But it is an interesting thought.

As far as ancient Atlantis, I think it is difficult to make an argument that it didn’t exist.

Surely, such knowledge would change the way we view ourselves, would it not?

I personally believe that J.R.R. Tolkien channeled events which actually took place in history.

Stories of dragons certainly existed long before the first dinosaur fossils were discovered in the 17th century.

And I do believe that at the core of the Jewish vision of global destruction lies a plan to make the white race believe that it is something other than a spiritual being which exists as a part of a spiritual universe, which has always existed.

Destroying our history goes beyond taking down confederate monuments.