Actor That Plays Murderer Tries to Fight THOTs’ Attraction to the Murderer

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

This is a great example of “what women are actually attracted to as opposed to what the media says they’re supposed to be attracted to.”

Daily Mail:

Actor Penn Badgley has proven himself to be a world away from the creepy stalker he plays in Netflix hit You – by issuing stark warnings to any Twitter followers who express an attraction to the murdering bookstore manager. 

That is guaranteed to have dried some front-holes.

The 32-year-old has hit back at several people on the social media site, after reading tweets in which they admitted to finding character Joe Goldberg desirable – despite his violent behavior and stalker tendencies.

It’s not “despite” but “because of,” silly. Women love murderers.

His looks help, sure, but they’re not the deciding factor.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

In the series, which premiered on Netflix on December 26 after first airing on Lifetime, Penn’s character, Joe, stalks a woman named Guinevere Beck — played by Elizabeth Lail, 26 — and then proceeds to date her, and all while secretly committing a series of heinous crimes.

Anyone who has seen the series will likely realize what a problematic character Joe is, however his horrifying behavior, which includes public masturbation, breaking and entering, theft, and murder, has not stopped some fans of the show from forming an attraction to him.

It’s not that his behavior hasn’t stopped fans of the show from being attracted to him, it’s exactly that behavior what makes those fans attracted to him.

This is known.

From a 2014 article entitled “Murderous love: Why are so many women aroused by serial killers?“, The Telegraph:

Male serial killers often receive fan letters and even marriage proposals from women, after they are imprisoned in jail. Established crime writer Mark Sennen offers some simple explanations as to why so many ordinary women get a kick out of dating the bad boys

As a crime writer, I know a lot about serial killers. They are almost invariably male, and the majority seek out female victims. Somewhat counter intuitively, the majority of crime fiction readers are women and they love reading about these depraved beings. My only guess is because they enjoy the resolution which occurs at the end of a typical serial killer story: the killer meets his end – either literally because he’s been despatched by the hero/ heroine, or figuratively because he’s been captured and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Let’s take Theodore Robert Cowell. He was a good-looking American, the type of guy women flock to. He certainly wouldn’t have been out of place as the central character in a romance novel. Unfortunately he would have fitted perfectly into one of my crime stories too since, as the serial killer aficionados among you will know, he usually went under his other name: Ted Bundy.

In 1979 Carol Anne Boone married Bundy despite him being on trial for multiple homicide. She later had a daughter and named Bundy as the father (the couple apparently having got around the fact that conjugal prison visits were not allowed). While on trial and in prison, Bundy also received hundreds of letters from female ‘groupies’.

Bundy is not a one-off. In 1996 Richard Ramirez, aka the ‘Night Stalker’, married Doreen Lioy in California’s San Quentin prison. Ramirez had been sentenced to death for 13 horrific murders, however, that didn’t seem to put off Lioy. She eventually split from him but at the time of his death last year (from natural causes), Ramirez was engaged to a 23 year-old writer. While incarcerated Ramirez received thousands of letters from female fans, many including pictures of themselves nude.

Perhaps even more unbelievably Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter as a sex slave for 24 years in a purpose built cellar, was sent hundreds of love letters after his arrest. Even our very own home-grown killer, the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, has received fan mail from women. Are the women who pursue these crazed killers equally as mad? Or is there another explanation?

Personally, I still don’t understand how or why anyone could want a multiple murderer as a mate, but then I’ve never understood why women are attracted to alpha males either. But that’s probably because, as my wife is fond of reminding me, I’m not one.

DISCLAIMER: You won’t be having much sex from a prison cell — at least not the kind you’d enjoy — so don’t be a nigger.

Now you know women’s mouths salivate at the sight of murderers, and you may be wondering why would that be.

Women are attracted to power.

Murdering says “fuck your society, fuck your rules, and fuck your life” while stimulating a very primal spot in women’s brain.

Breaking rules is a sign of power. It makes people think you’re powerful, even if you don’t feel particularly powerful. People thinking you’re powerful gives you a kind of power, effectively making you powerful. Feeling powerful prompts you to break more rules. Think of it as a positive feedback loop.

I’m not saying you should go around breaking rules for the sake of breaking rules… or for the sake of power. Some rules make everything smoother and help fight Chaos.

You are breaking rules now though. Reading The Daily Stormer is breaking rules. The rules broken by reading this site are the rules that work for Chaos. The rules that work against you and your people. There are lots of rules such as those, and those are the ones that must be broken.

Women are not attracted to passivity. They’re passive by nature. Thus they crave activity, motion, emotion, feelings, intensity, and a taste of the masculine energy, and they’ve been so deprived of it by this Jewish sandbox we call modernity that they’ll take anything close to it even if it’s corrupted.

They don’t care if it’s rotten because they’re starving.

But you can offer them the real deal and prevent a whole lot of food poisoning.