Actor Ewan McGregor Ordered to Hand Over Future Earnings to Ex-Wife

As if the lockdown and social distancing weren’t enough of a problem, men are still getting brutally divorce-raped by parasitic women.

The last thing society needs right now, under the Virus Regime, is transferring wealth and power from men to women.

Daily Mail:

Smiling for the camera on a summer’s evening, they look like a typical happy family.

But the photograph, which was taken to mark two of Ewan McGregor’s daughters going off to university, came on the same day that the Hollywood actor was ordered to hand over an eye-watering amount of his fortune – and future earnings – to ex-wife Eve Mavrakis.

Following the couple’s acrimonious split, a judge in California has ruled that the 49-year-old actor – who went on to date his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead after his marriage ended in 2017 – will have to hand over half of the royalties he made from starring in four Star Wars movies.

Yesterday, it also emerged that production designer Ms Mavrakis will keep the £5 million family home in Los Angeles, as well as around £400,000 in cash, jewellery and five of McGregor’s 34-strong car collection, which includes his cherished vintage blue Volkswagen Beetle.

Ms Mavrakis, 53, will also reportedly get child support of around £12,000 a month and £30,000 of spousal payments, as well as some of the royalties McGregor made from the films Angels And Demons, The Men Who Stare At Goats and Moulin Rouge.

The pair will share joint legal and physical custody of their youngest daughter, nine- year-old Anouk.

McGregor filed for divorce in 2018, with documents lodged at the LA Superior Court that year revealing that he and Ms Mavrakis were already locked into a dispute over money.

The papers showed the Trainspotting star believed he was paying more than he was obliged to to support his family, while Ms Mavrakis – who described the split as ‘disappointing and upsetting’ – believed the amount was too little.

How is he going to make more money now with all of this corona social distancing stuff though?

He should’ve learned the shark trick. In fact, all men should learn the shark trick.

Daily Mail:

A husband who punched a great white shark in the eye as it mauled his wife has relived the terrifying ordeal – while insisting he isn’t a hero.

Chantelle Doyle, 35, was surfing with the love of her life Mark Rapley at Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie, on the New South Wales mid-north coast, when she was attacked at about 9.30am on Saturday.

The beast latched on to Ms Doyle’s right calf and the back of her thigh before Mr Rapley launched into action, punching the predator eight times.

Mr Rapley was quickly hailed a hero around the nation for leaping on to the sharks back and fighting it off until it finally let his wife go.

What Mr. Rapley did was the opposite of learning the shark trick.

If these villainous divorce laws continue to destroy men’s lives, I wouldn’t be surprised if concerned husbands suddenly started feeling the need to go surfing with their menstruating wives.