Acquitted at Impeachment, Trump Says MAGA Movement has Only Just Begun

Following his acquittal at the impeachment trial, Real President Donald Trump has released a statement claiming that the MAGA movement has only just begun.

We know he released that statement because Jim Acosta of CNN posted it on Twitter. Obviously, in the future, if CNN decides not to post his statements, you’re not going to know what he’s saying.

That creates some pretty serious hurdles for a movement.

In the statement, Trump denounced the most recent impeachment as “yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country.” He did not say that he will be running in 2024. By the way, I do not support him running in 2024. It would obviously be impossible for him to win. Even if it wasn’t for the election fraud – which itself makes it impossible for him to win, as we’ve already seen – Joe Biden is legalizing tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

After this Biden term is finished, the Democrats will be the permanent one-party establishment.

What Trump should do if he wants to do something is get involved in a movement for red states to secede from the union. That is the only path forward here.